Welcome to my index page :). Actually, this was going to be my Sounds page, but then I realized that I had more than one page, and... well... Itís better to keep things in order.

I moved the sound library from the original place at my main page, mainly because .wavs take too much space, and I still write to much... :)

Anyway, since this is just the Index, I better point you out to the rest of the pages:

(You won't find anything too shocking here.† If you're not 18 or more, stay on this pages, please)

Logo by Adalisa
This is my Due South Page in Spanish. The only one for now.

It is completely in Spanish, with both Quotes from the Mexico and Spain dub, Cast list, a little .wav archive that will be moving here, and a slash archive in Spanish.
To go there, click on the logo or go to

Darth Plot Bunny by Gabriela Maya.

No, the Bunny wonít stay there long. Itís just while I find a cool image for† After Babel: Sounds in Spanish page
It's a page with a lot of .wavs of all my favorite series dubbed in spanish. Really a cool treat.
My Xander page.†
All I could find about Xander, episodes, comics, romance, fic recomendations... And a couple of drawings by yours truly.†
I guess that by now, you have guessed that I like to draw.†
This also links to my Fics page, so if you want to go from here to the fics, or backwards, you only have to search Xander fics. :)
Well, in case you haven't noticed, my love for drawings and translation is not just because. I do work as a comic book artist and a translator for a living. So if you want to find more about me, and my crazy "pro" jobs, this is the page for you. This page also links to the pages of other pro-stories I've done.

My Other page
(If you're 18 years old or more, and have a very open mind, please, come on in.
If you feel repelled by† ideas like same sex love, nudity, or freedom of speech,
please, don't enter. Flames will be used to feed Darth Plot Bunny)

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