Mexican Dubbing has been considered one of the bests all around the world for a long time, and our actors are incredibly talented, most have a range of voices so amazing that its hard to recognize them from one role to another.

However, it is not widely known outside of our county or even  inside. None of the shows have credits for the actors, or the companies that dubbed the show (This, thankfully, is slowly changing. Some Japanese anime have credited the company, and I have seen at least one Disney show with credits for the mexican cast). 

Here I’ve started a small list of the Actors I know play who in each of my favorite series, and a little .wav archive of the same roles, I also have a few lists of casts of the series where they have worked, and of series I had some conection to as a translator.

Right now I have .wavs from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena, X-Files, and Highlander, as well as some miscellaneous stuff from some interviews I’ve made with some of the actors, and that I’ll be transcribing one of this days.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Due South
Hercules and Xena
X files
links and rings
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If anyone has a request, because you want to know how your favorite characters sound in spanish,
please, let me know. I’ll do my best to find a good .wav sample.

Visit the tribute to Araceli De Leon (RIP, 1999)

Regarding the text in the photographs, I am very sorry that I had to put them, but of late, it came to my attention that some sites were stealing and editing photos from my dub sites, and that... well, it really makes me angry. I took my time to do the .wavs, find the actors, interview them and take the pictures, so it's just rational to ask for a link to my page, isn't it? Please, if you ever find a photograph that looks like edited from one of the ones you find here, contact me so I can find who is the one who is stealing the pics.
(This of course doesn't apply for the pics and images from the series. Those can be scanned from any magazine)
All the messages in the guestbook, if everything goes as planned, will be forwarded to the actors as soon as I can, so please, don’t go without signing it! Thanks a lot!
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All the Images and Characters belong to their copyright holders (Buffy to Fox, Hercules to Renasaince Pictures, X-Files to Chris Carter). The voices belong, of course, to the talented actors who provide them. This page was made with archival proposals, no infringement done. If you wish to use this .wavs or the photographs in this page in your own page please contact me before doing so.