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Front hand rear heelside grab. This trick(and others in its class)are slightly more difficult grabs. These require a fair amount of air and good balance mainly because these tricks force you to grab the board in ways that seem awkward and difficult at first.

Double Blind 180
Blindside 2 wake 180 with 2 hands behind back approach. Sorry no tips!!
Double Blind Half Cab
Blindside back-to-front with two hands behind the back.

Indy Stiffy
The Indy Stiffy is exactly like a regular Stiffy where you straighten out your legs and bring the board completely forward. The difference is once the board is out in front of you, reach out and grab the top-middle of the board.

Slob Heli
Toeside grab and rotate 360 degrees(1 or 2 wakes). Approach the wake as you would for a normal Heli, only edge a little harder as you'll need more air time to make the grab. Get as much vertical height as you can. Make the grab as you begin your rotation with your front hand on the front toeside edge of the board. Once you are around most of the way, release the grab and quickly make the handle pass in the small of your back, then stick the landing.

Tumble Turn
Rider falls on his back and rotates; then pops back up to a normal stance.

FS/BS 540 wrap or hand pass (1 wake)
Rider uses wake to get air and rotates a full 360 plus a half(180).

Backside Back Roll
Heelside Back Roll. Load the line by edging all the way through the wake away from the boat. Then turn your head over your right shoulder and spot your landing!(right shoulder goofy foot - left shoulder regular foot) The force developed with the edge and cut away from the boat will shoot you around. Its all physics.

FS/BS 540 wrap or hand pass (2 wakes)
Cut hard to the outside of the wake and approach the wake aggressively on your frontside edge, flattening the board as you hit the wake. You don't want to lean in on your cut otherwise you will get kicked off axis and get worked, hard! As you hit the wake wait a second, so your body and board become even, then initiate your rotation. Try to over-rotate the trick so you won't catch a toeside edge and fall. Unlike a frontside 360 where you look at the shore for your landing, on the 540 you're going to want to look back at the boat so your body is square for the landing. The landing will be awkward because you'll have the rope in your rear hand, but eventually you'll be able to make a second handle-pass.

Backside Roll with wrap Heli. Good luck!!

Backside Roll-to-Revert
Heelside back roll-to-fakie landing. The first half of the Backside Roll-to-Revert is thrown exactly like the Backside Roll. But unlike the regular roll, once you hit the peak of your jump let go with your front hand and spot your landing. This will automatically bring your board to the

Frontside Back Roll
Lets break this down into three steps. 1) APPROACH is everything. Start at about 10 to 12 feet outside of the wake on your toeside, progressively cut into the wake, board more on edge the closer you get to the wake. Be sure you don't bend at the waist or lean way forward. On most rotational tricks, the body position you are in when you leave the wake is the same body position you will land in. For example, if you leave the wake with more weight on your back foot, you will land more tail heavy, etc. 2) ROTATION - When you reach the wake, your board should be on a pretty strong edge. Hold that edge and keep even pressure on the balls of your feet. As your board reaches the top of the wake, the nose should be heading up and away from the boat. At this point, if the board is "loaded" correctly it will effortlessly rotate. Throwing your head back helps some riders make the rotation, but I wouldn't suggest throwing it back to hard if you do. I just simply look back and over my right shoulder (I ride left foot forward). 3) LANDING - As you are rotating, make sure you spot your landing. Your landing will come pretty naturally if the approach and rotation is correct.

Backflip, body first in the direction of the take off. Set up for a heelside cut. you will need to edge pretty hard to build up some speed. As you start to come up the wake shift to your toeside edge, square your shoulders and back to the wake, throw your head back, and let the wake kick you around. The transition to the toeside edge is the key.
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