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So you want to try some tricks? We all want Big Air, to perform a Tantrum, Or a Half-Cab Roll. From beginner to advance, this trick list has it all.

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Beginner Wakeboarding Tricks

Ride w/ One Hand on Handle
Get comfortable, and take one hand off the handle and wave to the boat. It doesn't matter which hand, as long as you are smiling.

Cross One Wake
After you have gotten used to your board I'm sure you will want to cross the wakes. A key element when learning is how you position your hips. Focus on twisting your hips so that your upper body is facing the boat and your lower body is keeping the board pointed in the direction of the pull. In order to turn the board to head in either direction, it's just a matter of moving your hips in the direction you want to cross the wake. Turn your hips to the left and your body positions the board to turn left. Turn your hips to the right and your body positions the board to turn to the right.

Cross Both Wakes
Crossing one wake or two, it's all the same, use your hips! In order to turn the board to cross in either direction, move your hips in the direction you want to go. Rotate your hips to the left, the board goes left. Same thing when you rotate your hips to the right.

Surf the Wake
Cut up and down the wake as though you really want to tear it up. The shorter and harder you make the cuts, the cooler it looks!

Air (1 wake)
Approach the wake at a moderate speed hitting it square and head on. Keep your knees slightly bent. As you go up the wake, straighten them out a little to get some spring and try not to flatten out the board until after you have taken off and are about ready to land. This is called "edging through the wake" and is very critical to your jumping as you improve and begin to crave more air.

Surface 180
Surface 180's are a fun trick to learn, as you become familiar with riding your board. Try to place your weight over the center of the board. In one smooth motion, swing the board around leading with your rear foot. Once you are around, place more weight to the rear of the board to allow the board to track for stability. To get back around, do the same thing from back to front.

A sideslide can be done either outside or inside the wake. Usually it is an accident while learning the surface 180. Consider turning the board 90 degrees on the surface, careful not to catch an edge - can you say face plant?? To avoid such pain, put more weight on your heels and dig that back edge into the water.

Surface 360
After you have mastered the surface 180, next in line is the surface 360. Do a surface 180 hold that position for a moment, and then continue the rotation. At this point you will want to pull the handle in towards you and turn in the same motion. Let go with your trailing hand, bend the elbow to make the handle pass in the small of your back, grab it with your trailing hand and keep turning until you have made it all the way around.
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