DT1649651 's contribution to the Internet

The only purpose of this web page is for reimbursing what the INTERNET community has helped me in my carreer & in private life. I am very bad in writing, so I just write down here my notes in my career. Many parts in my notes are from the great help of a lot of people on the news groups. If you see something wrong here, please send me an email

Notes as a Unix administrator ( my hobby ) Notes as a C/C++ programmer ( my career )
SolarisPalm OS programming
LinuxRIM OS programming
Linux programming

My favorite programming books: ( the order is listed according to when I first read )
W. Richard Stevens TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 The Protocols, Ed. 1994
W. Richard StevensAdvanced Programming In the UNIX Environment, Ed. 1993
David R. ButenhofProgramming with POSIX Threads, Ed.1997
MeyersEffective C++
MeyersEffective STL, Ed.2001
Douglas E.Comer
David L. Stevens
Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume 3: Client-Server Programming and Application, Linux/POSIX Sockets Version, 2001
Allesandro Rubini
Jonathan Cobret
Linux Device Drivers,2001
Daniel P. Bovet
Marco Cesati
Understanding the Linux Kernel, 2001

My most favorite computer magazines:
C/C++ Users Journal
Sys Admin