Linux event device protocol support for GPM


Ok, I am a proud owner of a laptop with Synaptics touchpad and recently support for Synaptics in absolute mode has been added to Linux kernel (2.5/2.6). The problem is that it is exported via event input interface only and GPM's support for Linux event devices is pretty much nonexistent (only relative devices reporting via /dev/input/eventX are supported, no SYNC event support).

As I have never worked on GPM before I needed to understand how it works; while doing so I did some refactoring of the existing code, splitting it in more manageable chunks. Although changes are pretty substantial I tried not touch the protocol handling code so changes must be relatively safe.

Here are the patches (incremental, starting against vanilla gpm-1.20.1):

You can also download binary or source RPMs (built on RedHat 8). These have some additional patches taken from gpm-1.20.1-38.src.rpm off RawHide. You can see all the patches here.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated! Please mail me if you find any issues.

Disclaimer: It works for me, but I can not guarantee that it won't blow up in your face. I am more of an X guy anyway.
Disclaimer 2: Still, I am interested in supporting my work and fixing any reported issues.


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