ESP Guitars
ESP's with 2 volume control knobs ( one for each pickup) and 3 way toggle switch
-Black explorer-woodburned elk skull and barbed wire inlays
-Black Explorer-Diamond plate
-Black Explorer-man to wolf inlays
-Black Explorer-snake inlays
-Black Explorer-deer skull inlays
-Black Explorer-Dot inlays
-Black Explorer-eagle inlays
-Black Explorer-NRA inlays
-Black double-neck Explorer-duck inlays
-Black JH-1 Flying V-Red hot rod flames
-Black JH-1 Flying V-Green hot rod flames w/hot rod stickers
-White Explorer-middle inger inlays ( 1st ESP)
-White Explorer-Dot inlays (favorite ESP)
Other Guitars
-Kenny Lawrence Explorer-father and son camping inlays
-Gibson Explorer
-Fender reissue '52 Telecaster w/parsons-white B-bender
-1966 Martin D-28 (acoustic)
-Three late '50's Gibson Les Pauls (sunburst standard,gold Top,custom)
-1963 Gibson SG
-National Resolectric
-Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Power amps
-Mesa Boogie Mark IV
-Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp (stock)
-Mesa Boggie Triaxis pre amp (modified)
-Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
-Mesa Boogie Custom Graphic E.Q. Unit
-Mesa Boogie Amp Switcher
-Mesa Boogie 4x12 speaker cabinets
-Roland JC 120
Celestion Vintage 30w Speakers