In Brief:
Name: James Alan Hetfield
Born: August 3,1963
IN: Los Angeles,California
Personal: married, 2 children
Plays: loud,growling vocals and guitars
Vitals: 6'1", 180 lbs, blue eyes,blonde hair
    James Alan Hetfield was born to a truck driver and a light opera singer on August 3,1963 in Los Angeles, Ca. His familie's Christian Science beliefs are often pointed to as the root cause for his "tortured soul" lyrics. James began musically at age 9 playing the piano, then banging on his brothers drums and eventually taking up guitar. James's first band "Obsession" consisted of the Veloz brothers on bass and drums and Jim Arnold on guitar.
     "Phantom Lord", james's second band.  After moving to La Brea,Ca  James attended Olinda High School whre he met drummer Jim Mulligan.  The 2 would jam at lunchtime with another guitar player but drove him away with their loud,heavy sounds. Hugh Tanner was spotted by the pair while carrying around part of a flying v guitar at school.  This was the birth of  "Phantom Lord". The band went through variouse bass players until graduation when James moved back to Downey. In Downey James moved into a house owned by Ron Mcgovney's parents. This house was the perfect place for James and Ron! James talked Ron into taking up bass and promised to teach him. With the addition of Ron "Phantom LOrd" became "Leather Charm. " Leather charm" was a more Glammy attempt at music.  The band played covers such as Quiet Riot's "Slick Black Cadillac" and Iron Maiden's "Remember Tomorrow". The band played a few parties and recorded a few demos before starting to fall apart.
     First Tanner left and was replaced by Troy James. Then mulligan left for a more progressive band. With no drummer the band was forced to quit. Hugh Tanner was the one that introduced James to Lars. Ultimately it was "Leather Charms" break up that led James and Lars to meet through duel ad's in the paper placed by the 2 of the, 1 asking for a drummer and the other for a guitar player.  This was the beginning of "
    When James is not busy with the band he participates in variouse activities. A few of his favorite are hunting, snowboarding,skateboarding(until a string of injuries) and collecting older guitars.
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