In Brief:
Lars Ulrich
Born: December,26,1963 in Gentofte,Denmark
Personal: married,1 child
Specialty: those beats we all love
Vitals: Green eyes,blonde/brown hair,5'7",130lbs.
    Lars Ulrich was born on December 26,1963 in Gentofte, Denmark.  Lars was just 10 years old when he attended his first Deep Purple concert.  Up until this point Lars had been exposed to jazz music.  His father, Danish tennis great Turbin Ulrich owned a small jazz club. Legendary sax player Dexter Gordon is even Lars' godfather. 
     It was Deep Purple that changed the whole music world for Lars.  Just the next day Lars purchased their Fireball album.  Three years later Lars persueded his Grandmother to buy him his first drum kit.  Drums and music took a backseat to tennis.  Lars was a ranked junior player in his native Denmark but when the Ulrichs moved to Newport Beach he was just another tennis player,not the notable player he was in Denmark.  Shortly after tennis became less important and Lars' interests in music grew.  He began trading tapes to aquire his beloved blend of European metal. In June of 1981 Lars flew to England to catch someshows by Diamond Head.  Somehow Lars talked his way into living with the band until he had to return to California.When he got home he found his tape trading friend Brian Slagel looking for bands to record tracks for a new album that would be released by his new metal blade records.  Lars secured himself a spot on the record, only one problem; Lars had no band..  Before going to England Lars had jammed with a certain James Hetfield(maybe you've heard of him?).  The first jam had it's share of problems...Lars' timekeeping was a little off and his symbols also seemed to find the floor quite a bit; but now Lars had bait...the recod deal.  Hetfield took the bait and Metallica was born.