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Pull up a chair and visit for a while. You have reached the cyber-home of Nicki and the kids. I have had this site for about five and a half years. Then, on the fateful night of July 29, 2000, I accidentally deleted the index page, forcing me to start all over. I hope you like what you find here.

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Advent and Christmas 2004

If you are looking to organize your holidays better, you will want to check out OrganizedChristmas.com.

Sites To See

Maine-Endwell School District
Our Lady of Angels Church
Blue Mountain Art Electronic Cards
Your work at home resource for home business opportunities,
online training, telecommuting and freelance work
marketing resources and more!

Shop Around The Mall
Single MOMZ - a site by and for single mothers
OrganizedChristmas.Com - A great way to get ready for your holidays

Campaign Secrets, Inc.

Pages Within My Site

Angels Once in a While
You're an Angel To Me
The Best Gifts to Give
Big Feet - Bigger Heart
Daddy's Little Girl
The Gift of Praise
I've Learned
Parental Job Description
For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously
Natural Highs
My Oath To You
The Paradox of Our Times
My Favorite Blue Mountain Art Card
You Might Be From Upstate NY If...

Special thanks to a friend who showed me what direction to dance in. This page was rebuilt on 30 July 2000 and the last update began 30 July 2004.

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