For the moment I am listing very brief bio's for the characters most pertenant to the VC plot, I will be adding more in the future. All characters are listed in order of when they were "born to darkness". Beware these bio's may have some spoiler content!

Amel- The evil disembodied spirit from whom the vampires owe their existence.

Akasha & Enkil or "Those who must be kept"- The two eldest vampires, also ancient rulers from the area of Egypt before it was Egypt. Akasha was infected by the spirit Amel and transformed into a vampire, she then gave the dark gift to her husband Enkil.

Mekare & Marahet- Twin "witches" from the Time of Akasha & Enkil. They are bothered by the spirit Amel before he infected Akasha. Akasha cuts out Mekare's tounge and Marahet's eyes. They are then made vampires by Khayman a vampire servant to the monarchs.

Marius- The son of a roman senator. Marius is captured by Mael and taken to the God of the Grove to become the new god after the last was horribly burnt when "those who must be kept" were placed in the sun. After being made he flee's to Egypt and takes on the care of "Those who must be kept".

Pandora-Daughter in a wealthy roman family. Her family is brutally murdered and she is the only one to escape. She moves to Constantinople to start a new life. There she runs into Marius who was an old friend of her family. By now he is a vampire and makes Pandora one also. For many centuries they care for "Those who must be kept"







David Talbot-


All characters are ©Anne Rice. No copyright infringement intended.
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