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You'll find information here on LANGUAGES (ancient, biblical, modern and constructed: Latino Moderne is my own auxillary languange project), HISTORY, THEOLOGY, and TRUTH.

If you're interested in learning about practical Christian living you may want to read the following: Christian World and Life View

The Belgic Confession of Faith newly translated from the original French text.

Stark's New Catechism to help instruct young and old Christians in the basics of the Faith.

I live in northern California, 8 miles (12k) south of the city of Redding.

My wife Patsy and I have two sons Seth, who is married to his lovely wife Yocelyng, andNoah.

I'm pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Redding, California, which was organized as a congregation in 1997. Go to the Church's web site to learn more about it and the Covenanting Association of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches (CARPC), of which it is a member. Audio file sermons can be found on the GPC web site.

I was graduated from the Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1979.

I enjoy learning about the American Civil War (1861-65), reenacting, history and antique firearms.

I enjoy writing. Here's an excerpt from a short story. The Saxon Hunt.

Some of the ancient languagesI know and use are Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Syriac, and Anglo-Saxon.

Modern languages which I've studied and understand to a certain degree are: Esperanto, Spanish, French, Italian, and a few others.

Esperanto really works. It's worthy of your time and study. I've used it successfully in international correspondance over the past 24 years. It's worth learning. You'll be amazed at the amount of Esperanto information on the internet.

An good auxillary language for international communication is Latino Moderne. It could help toward resolving the language problems of the European Union and international communication.

If you like cats, you may want to see the photos of Misha who lived in the city of Rome. Also, if you want to see what cats do to relax seeMolly

One of the best men on earth I know is an African minister, my good friend and brother in Christ, Pastor Mfumwabana N'kulu Gilbert-Remy. He lives in the city of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) and serves in the Eglise Reformee de la Foi ("The Reformed Church of the Faith") You can see some photos of him from my trip to the Congo and Zambia in the Fall of 2002 on the Grace Presbyterian Web Page link above.

If you want to learn more about Biblical Christianity and the faith of the Reformation, then I recommend to you the writings of John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, and Cornelius Van Til

The best of all books is the Holy Bible, which I highly recomend to you.

I began reading it when I was 16 and became a Christian when I learned about God's love for us, and the forgiveness of sins through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ for us sinners. This is the GOOD NEWS! (Everything else is just commentary).

Whatever you may be going through in your life the Lord Jesus Christ is interested in you and He will help you if you'll pray to Him and trust Him. Read the Bible to learn who He really is. Call on Him in prayer and wonderful things will begin in your life.You may not know Him, but He knows you, and He is closer to you that you may realize.
He is God manifested in the flesh (ITimothy 3:16) and the only true Savior (Matthew 1:21).

None of us can know who we really are until we know the God who made us and loves us. The real adventure of life begins when you call on Him (Jesus Christ) in prayer.

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