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1 How to set up my
Massive, Passive
Advertising Machine
2 How to set up a giant
Mailing List Builder
3 How to set up a

Promote 5-40 URLs w/ ONE!

4 How to set up
your own powerful

Custom Website

5 How to set up
perpetual hits with

Exit Ads (pop-unders)

6 How to multiply your
hits forever with

Multi-Level Ads

7 How to make profit
with unprofitable FFAs
FFAs & Classifieds
8 How to set up International

Currency Accounts

9 How to select a good
Affiliate Program
10 How to capture and follow-up prospects with
11 How to increase your
website profits using
Banner Exchanges
12. How to JUMP-START
a small website with 
Paid Advertising
13. AUTOMATE your Search
Engine Submissions forever!
14. How to use and
make money with
15. How to combine
nearly every great
program with ONE SITE with 
Downline Builders!
16. How to fill your autoresponder with FREE Subscribers!

This is a comprehensive VIRAL MARKETING strategy that will out-perform ANYTHING you have seen. NOBODY has this COMPLETE PROGRAM anywhere else. That's a FACT! Your personal website and affiliate sites will grow exponentially.

You will learn how to combine the SYNERGISTIC potential of several FREE PROGRAMS easily available on the internet. (see chart below).

I will show you HOW TO CREATE A SELF-PROPELLED CHAIN-REACTION of eternal hits to your site by linking these FREE programs in a unique way.

I will teach you to plug one program into another that will feed an automatic, self-feeding NEVER-ENDING stream of prospects to you CREATING AN EXPONENTIAL EXPLOSION of hits to your website. You will recruit thousands of affiliates or make thousands of sales!

I'm talking about a PERPETUAL-MOTION HIT MACHINEYou can't comprehend it until you have studied through the entire SERIES of LESSONS. At the end, you will be convinced that nobody anywhere can promise you more hits in the years ahead. Watch this...
If you get only a THREE PERCENT increase in hits daily, IF FUNNELED CORRECTLY, will produce approximately ONE HUNDRED PERCENT INCREASE in hits to your website every month! (Incidentally, this site is growing faster than the chart below!) Do the math on 100% monthly growth ...
1 100
2 200
3 400
4 800
5 1,600
6 3,200
7 6,400
8 12,800
9 25,600
10 51,200
11 102,400
12th month 204,800 hits daily
Every month your hits
 multiply effortlessly!
How badly do you want your hit rate to EXPLODE?

What will MASSIVE HITS do for your WEBSITE and your INCOME?

How much will it be worth in 2 years? 5 years?
Will it compensate you for your efforts today? YES!

Yes! You can take 20+ FREE programs and start a CHAIN-REACTION, PERPETUAL-MOTION advertising machine that will grow exponentially forever. I teach you how to synergize them into a really FORMIDABLE advertising machine that will send you thousands of hits FOREVER!

Follow these Step-by-Step instructions,

and in a few hours you will have a phenomenal
advertising device that will literally build
any online business you plug into it.

I created my original  MPAM - Massive Passive Advertising Machine in July of 2001. Already, tens of thousands of people all over the Internet have copied this program to get MASSIVE HITS. You will discover how to BOMBARD your website with THOUSANDS OF FREE HITS every day, no matter what your product or affiliate program! I'm talking about a truly SELF-PROPELLED advertising machine!

Look at this FLOWCHART  I created to demonstrate the big picture.

Do you need help building a successful Internet Business? I can help you. Some of my accomplishments in marketing include producing $100,000 income from only 1,000 letters for a non-profit organization. One campaign I conducted for a $400 million financial institution generated 1,200 new accounts and over $1.5 million revenue by mailing to only 55,000 prospects. I have built a website that has received almost 4 million hits and an opt-in mailing list of over 8,000. In the past five years I have spent thousands of hours learning the nuances of Internet Marketing. Now, I am going to share some powerful business building ideas for you to jump-start your own internet-based business.

I am not going to charge you ANYTHING for the material I provide on this site. There are NO STRINGS attached to your using all this material to build a huge permanent income! If you will simply stay on this site for 30 minutes, and take a look at all the lessons I have published here, you will learn more than 95% of the people know. I can't overstate how SIMPLE it will be for you to succeed if you will carefully follow these step-by-step plans.

This is going to be PRICELESS - and again, this list will grow effortlessly! Any pro knows that a list of just a few hundred people can be VERY valuable. Within a year's time, you will have THOUSANDS! And it will just KEEP growing every day! You won't have to rent or buy anybody else's list, and you WON'T have to join a jillion Opt-In or Safelists or FLOOD your computer with JUNK MAIL! In the scheme I will teach you, you will not be forced to rely on pathetic and wearisome bulk mailing to worn out or worthless lists, or worry about SPAM.
It works like money in the bank. If you only have $50 in a savings account, the near-term growth is negligible.

But if you have $50,000 in a savings account, you can easily see the growth.

In this program, we will watch your advertising machine produce 50 hits, then 500 hits, then 5,000, then 50,000 hits, and on and on and on. The growth will COMPOUND DAILY!

In a matter of months anyone who follows this plan will be receiving tens of thousands of hits EVERY DAY without any further promotions! And there is no reason for it to EVER stop! This program will just get bigger and bigger and bigger every single day. WHY DO YOU NEED ALL THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF HITS? Because ADVERTISING is the engine that builds business, recruits affiliates into money-making programs, and makes sales. I am going to show you the absolutely easiest way to become a MASTER at mass advertising.

One year from now, YOUR PERSONAL ADVERTISING MACHINE will be producing enough hits to your websites that you will be able to sell or promote ANY LEGITIMATE program with PHENOMENAL SUCCESS.

You will be able to build a downline in a new program within DAYS instead of YEARS by merely plugging in its URL for a few days! You will be able to build a new income every few days, then move on to another program immediately.

You can TAKE YOUR CHOICE of what businesses you want to join and promote. Choose ANY, ALL or NONE of the programs I suggest. You can promote ANY legitimate PROGRAM you want to promote with this advertising machine.

 Then all you will have to do is PLUG THEM INTO YOUR ADVERTISING MACHINE and WHAMO! you will be in business AND IN PROFIT!

Click on each point of the Table of Contents at left and follow the instructions you find in each case.

Within a few months to a year, depending on the pace you take, you can be earning more money than you have ever seen AND you will have taught yourself the equivalent of a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing! (Besides, who needs a degree if you can make more money than the professions?)

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