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Gender: Masculine
: Latin

Augustus is a Latin word for “Venerable,” “Consecrated,” “Majestic,” or “Grandeur.” It comes from “augere” (to increase).

Augustus was only a Latin word meaning “great” until after the Renaissance, where several German princes began giving it as a name. It crossed to England with the Hanovers, and was reasonably popular name during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Austin, a surname formed by contracting Augustin, was occasionally used as a given name during the 1800s, and has recently become very popular.

Pronunciation: OG-uss-tiss.

English: Gus.

Alternates: Agustine.
Catalan: Agustí.
English: Augustine, Austen, Austin, Auston, Austyn.
French: Auguste, Augustin.
German: Augustin, August.
Hawaiian: Aukina.
Italian: Augostino, Augusto.
Latin: Augustinus, Augustinius.
Manx: Austeyn.
Polish: Augustyn, August.
Portuguese: Augostinho, Augusto.
Russian: Avgust, Avustin.
Spanish: Augustín, Augusto, Agustin.
Welsh: Awstin.

Feminine: Augusta.

See also: Austin, Augustine.

Famous Bearers:
Artists and Authors:
August Kopisch (1799-1853)
German painter.
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852)
English architect.
Augustus Leopold Egg (1816-1863)
English painter.
August Senoa (1838-1881)
Croatian novelist.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907)
American sculptor.
Augustus John (1878-1961)
Welsh painter.
August Macke (1887-1914)
German painter.
Augusto Roa Bastos (1917-)
Latin-American novelist.

Educators, Scholars, and Social Workers:
August Immanuel Bekker (1785-1871)
German philologist.
Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks
British museum curator.
Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers (1827-1900)
British archaeologist.
August Fick (1833-1916)
German linguist.

August von Mackensen (1849-1945)
German military commander during WWI.

Political Figures:
Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton (1735-1811)
Prime Minister of Great Britain.
August Karl von Goeben (1816-1880)
Prussian general.
August, Baron Lambermont (1819-1905)
Belgian statesman.
Augusto Bernardino Leguía y Salcedo (1915-)
President of Peru.
Augusto Pinochet (1915-)
Leader of Chile’s military dictatorship.

Augustus (1526-1586)
Elector of Saxony.
Augustus II (1670-1733)
Elector of Saxony and King of Poland.
Augustus III (1696-1763)
Elector of Saxony and King of Poland.

Augustus De Morgan (1806-1871)
British mathematician
August Kundt (1839-1894)
German physicist.
Augustus Edward Love
British geophysicist and mathematician.
August von Wassermann (1866-1925)
German bacteriologist.
August Krogh (1874-1949)
Danish physiologist. Winner of the 1920 Nobel Prize for Physiology.

Singers and Entertainers
Augustus Pablo
Jamaican reggae musician.

Percentage from the 1990 U.S. Census:
0.044 % named Austin
0.015 % named August
0.015 % named Agustin
0.011 % named Gus
0.007 % named Augustine
0.005 % named Augustus

Popularity of Augustus:
Popularity (for newborns)
In the United States...
1900-1910: 432nd most popular.
1910-1920: 447th most popular.
1920-1930: 565th most popular.
1930-1940: 567th most popular.
1940-1950: 722nd most popular.
1950-1960: 818th most popular.
1960-1970: 945th most popular.
1970-1990: N/A
1990: N/A
1991: 901st most popular.
1992: 934th most popular.
1993: 936th most popular.
1994: 888th most popular.
1995: 877th most popular.
1996: 971st most popular.
1997: 967th most popular.
1998: 908th most popular.
1999: 941st most popular.
2000: 967th most popular.
2001: 891st most popular.
2002: 847th most popular.
2003: 859th most popular.

Popularity of August:
Popularity (for newborns):
In the United States...
1900-1910: 138th most popular.
1910-1920: 194th most popular.
1920-1930: 256th most popular.
1930-1940: 335th most popular.
1940-1950: 450th most popular.
1950-1960: 560th most popular.
1960-1970: 733rd most popular.
1970-1980: 793rd most popular.
1980-1990: 922nd most popular.
1990: 885th most popular.
1991: 871st most popular.
1992: 841st most popular.
1993: 842nd most popular.
1994: 771st most popular.
1995: 689th most popular.
1996: 725th most popular.
1997: 656th most popular.
1998: 593rd most popular.
1999: 636th most popular.
2000: 616th most popular.
2001: 650th most popular.
2002: 667th most popular.
2003: 657th most popular.

Popularity of Gus:
Popularity (for newborns):
In the United States...
1900-1910: 239th most popular.
1910-1920: 309th most popular.
1920-1930: 404th most popular.
1930-1940: 418th most popular.
1940-1950: 499th most popular.
1950-1960: 575th most popular.
1960-1970: 707th most popular.
1970-1980: 999th most popular.
1980-2000: N/A

Popularity of Auguste:
Popularity (for newborns):
In France...
1900: 19th most popular.
1910: 24th most popular.
1920: 30th most popular.
1930: 42nd most popular.
1940: 63rd most popular.
1950: 127th most popular.
1958: 201st most popular.
1960-2000: N/A

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