Feel free to play and enjoy the different programs, games and puzzles listed below.

(*) My Fun Blocks

(*) Java Slide Puzzle of forest animals

(*) Java Jig Saw Puzzle of forest animals

(*) My Castle and Coach on Fun Blocks

(*) My Manger Scene on Fun Blocks

(*) "Lost in Space" (but not for long).

(*) "Fishers of Men," with Mark's interactive JAVA Goldfish.

(*) StoryBook Hour at the Internet Public Libary Peter Rabbit


(*) My Own Color Painting Fun Page

(*) My Link to J Z Bear's Fun House

(*) My Link to the Cherry Tree Game

(*) My Link to Smokey's the Bear web page

(*) My Link to a Whole Pile of Fun Stuff

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Now for more serious things.

Computer Book 1 Computer Book 2

(*) My Noah's Ark Bible Computer Games (ZIP file)

(*) My Lost Coin Bible Computer Games (ZIP file)

(*) My To-Tac-Tic Bible Computer Games (ZIP file)

(*) My Bible Scramble Computer Games (ZIP file)

(*) My Bible Bagels Computer Games (ZIP file)

(*) Note: Some of Bible games can be played on line

(*) Our Christian Picture Collection
with some of my favorite scripture passages.

(*) Cross-stitching Hobby Page.
Enjoy animated gifs and cross-stitching patterns here.

(*) Ham Radio and Weather pages and other interests
"Conrod Technical Services."

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