With great  proud we present this site introducing visitors to the National Museum of Damascus and its exhibits, which is from numerous sites and historical periods. This collection manifests the special archaeological and historical importance of Syria, and its distinguished role in creating and developing human civilization through history. That is the message the visitor will be aware of upon viewing each item exhibited in the different pavilions.

This site wants to give visitors comprehensive information about Syria, its ancient cities and its brilliant history ,and to help visitors explore Syria’s splendors throughout the ages, from the Ancient Oriental Periods, the Classical Periods unto the Islamic Arab Periods. It also showcases the most important sites like Mari, Ebla, Ugarit, Palmyra, Hama and others in Al-Badiya, Al Forat, the coast and the inner regions of Syria. Moreover, it throws light on great discovered antiquities like statues, potters, tools and written documentation made of either wool, stone, metal, paper, ivory or even glass... etc. These discoveries are witness to the civilization that flourished many thousands years ago and spread throughout humanity.


This site is designed and maintained by Jan Joury (Pharmacy student), Basil Ebrahim (Economy Student) at University Of Damascus, to express their love to their country Syria the source of civilizations and to present its treasures to all over the world.





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