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Hi! My name's Ernie Joves Ocampo, 29 years of age, male, single and currently residing at North
Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines. I'm friendly but selective, fun-loving but serious, and outgoing but
prefers a homebody partner. I like playing PC games, most notably are HALF-LIFE and THIEF. It's just
unfortunate that HALF-LIFE 2 is not available in CD. Gabe Newell, one of VALVE's two co-founders and
leaders of the HALF-LIFE project, and his company VALVE, developer of HALF-LIFE have developed an
innovative on-line engine called STEAM which makes the game be purchased and downloaded through
Internet only. A little info: the two founder of VALVE are ex-Microsoft employees. They moved out and
build their own company, cool, huh? Did you know (of course you don't!) that I dreamed of becoming a
GAME DEVELOPER once. There was no exposure, too bad. For my kids maybe, huh?!? Too much for
that! Let's talk about something else.

I like girls that are tall, sweet, caring, and of course, huh, damn the qualifications, what matters most is
that she loves me too, and that we'll get along well. Was that right?

About food, I'm on diet now, I'm not fat and chubby and all, just want to develop my ABS. I Like to meet
new friends who are into sports and body-building, if your one of them, please contact me.

I'll be updating this site in a regular basis, so please visit this once in awhile. Soon as I have the financial
capability, I'll buy my own domain. So friends, keep in touch.

Cee Yah! c",)

Contact Me (For Students)

For assistance in DESIGN PROJECT for Computer Engineering students, you may
contact me as well. There are times that I may not be able to help you directly for
some circumstantial reason; in those cases I will gladly refer your problem to some
colleagues of mine. Please refer to CONTACT ME page for further details.

Contact Me (For Employers)

This site is intended to promote myself as a Web Designer and a Database
Administrator. If you are an employer, please visit MY RESUME for further details.

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Ernie Joves Ocampo



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