Interventions of the Unidad de Ozonoterapia Intradiscal in Marbella

ozonoterapiaUsing Intradiscal Ozone-therapy the success rate in interventions has been very high, obtaining satisfactory results on 98% of the patients who have received this treatment. This represents a great progress over other surgical treatments of Herniated Discs that hardly achieve a positive result in 70% of the operations.

The interventions of the Unidad de Ozono-terapia Intradiscal take place at the Hospital of the City of Marbella in Malaga (Spain) under the strictest sanitary conditions and according to the following procedures:

  • Pre-operative study according to protocols of the Hospital
  • Anesthesia Service
  • Control T. V.
  • Intradiscal injection at the hernia's levels
    (Cervical, Dorsal, Lumbar)
  • Prophylaxis Antibiotic and Antithrombotic


intradiscal cervical intradiscal cervical

Under Hospital protocol, the patient must check in the Hospital two hours before the intervention, and remain for at least one hour under observation afterwards. The intervention takes approximately half an hour.
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At any given moment the patient is informed on the procedure of intervention in fulfillment of the Spanish Law of Health (art. 10,4)
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Below are images of Interventions with Intradiscal Ozone-therapy.
The needles used in the intradiscal injection have been painted in blue color.

Images of Intradiscal interventions - Cervical Level
Dr Corzo Intradiscal intervention X-ray X-ray C5-C6
  Lateral View Ozone C5-C6
Dr Corzo Intradiscal cervical intervention X-ray C6-C7 X-ray C6-C7
Ozone C6-C7 Ozone C6-C7
Images of Intradiscal interventions - Lumbar Level
Dr Corzo Intradiscal lumbar intervention X-ray L4-L5 X-ray L4-L5
  Ozone L4-L5 Ozone L4-L5
Drs Corzo and Pascual Intervention Lumbar X-ray L4-L5 and L5-S1 X-ray
Double Lumbar Injection
L4-L5 and L5-S1
Lateral View



Ozone Molecule