Ozone Definition

Ozone O3Ozone (O3) is an allotropic form of Oxygen known mainly by the role it plays in the ecological balance of planet Earth, absorbing most of the ultraviolet radiations originating in the Sun and preventing them from hitting the terrestrial surface directly.

The use of oxygen-ozone for medical purposes is called Ozonotherapy. Far from being a new kind of therapy, its use can be traced to the beginning of last century and its effects have been object of numerous studies and experiments. In spite of having obtained extraordinarily positive results on a wide range of diseases, it has still not obtained the place it deserves in modern medicine.

Ozonotherapy is widely used accross medical centers in the EEC, particularly in Italy, Germany or Switzerland. This form of therapy is very common in Eastern Europe, mainly because the relationship cost-benefit is unquestionably favorable.

In Italy, Ozonotherapy was officially born in 1,983 with the formation of the Italian Scientific Society of Ozonotherapy (Sociedad Científico Italiana de Ossigeno-Ozono Terapia). Its protocolos are mandatory reference for the medical use of Ozone by the Unidad de Ozonoterapia Intradiscal.

The investigation in this field also has been carried out at university level in Italy and Germany, several Eastern countries and Cuba. Backed up by numerous works of clinical investigation, experiments, courses and congresses, Ozonotherapy has spread quickly, and nowadays there are several thousand practitioners using this methodology worldwide.

ozoneIn the medical field Ozone is used in a mixture together with Oxygen, and long clinical experience indicates the nonexistence of adverse effects, in addition to not causing allergic reactions of no type, if this treatment is applied correctly following the protocols.

In Germany, during year 2002, more than 3.100.000 autohemotransfusiones with ozone practiced without the "Department for the Control of the collateral Effects caused by Medicines" German has registered undesirable effects of a certain relevance.

The conducted experimentation has demonstrated that the Ozonoterapia, in the concentrations used in medicine does not determine any variation on the DNA or the RNA of the cell.

En el campo médico el Ozone es utilizado en una mezcla junto con el Oxígeno, y una larga experiencia clínica indica la inexistencia de efectos secundarios, además de no causar reacciones alérgicas de ningún tipo, si dicho tratamiento se aplica correctamente siguiendo los protocolos, .

En Alemania, durante el año 2002, se practicaron 3.100.000 autohemotransfusiones con ozone sin que el "Departamento para el Control de los Efectos colaterales provocados por Medicinas" alemán haya registrado efectos indeseables de una cierta importancia.

La experimentación efectuada ha demostrado que la Ozone-therapy, en las concentraciones utilizadas en medicina no determina ninguna variación sobre el DNA o el RNA de la célula.

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