" The photography of the hand of its sister poetry"

" Stereo-visual expression of feelings, in the present age of the image "

"The putative daughter of photograph and poetry"

"Magnifying-glass with the optical of photograph, the handle ef the word and the natural light of the feeling that tries to describe and to discover the reality of the actual mans "

" Poetic expression trough the image and the verb, by means of photograph and the written word"

...When it does not dress up but rather, it carries a uniform it becomes a "photo- essay "


Photetry is a Photoetry, which Pepe to Jose, Toni to Antony,...., Jimmy to James , ...or what "ok" to.... "si- vale- dacuerdo".

Photry : It's photograph expressed with his "juice" of feeling and its "pulp" of thought, o ; ..A times the juice is so sweet .and concentrated that but it seems "to nectar" y and is easy for digestible ; .. others take as much pulp that can be similar but "puree",.. and others because not to say it can seem "gazpacho".

be what will be perhaps,, more or less digestive .. his ingredients are today , better than never , necessary for the "feeding".

4 ways :

!! visit human paradises !..... it follows in pag.. her and..

,,,If you want a summary of which you are poing to see.. "summary"

...If you have interest in deepening but of that goes this is.. a Photoetry, projet in detail