Operational Energy of ones Soul

The term "Apapsyche"= is a combining of "apas", sanskrit for work/working, and "psyche" Greek for self, soul, and mind. We combine the "Soul" part of psyche with Apa to create "Apapsyche".... which stands for: the Operational Energy of the Soul.

But why does the Soul "need" an "Operating Energy"?

ANSWER: Because the Soul is composed of NSgy.

Did you know that your Soul consists of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy? Well outside of my students and those familiar with my writing no one would know this. I intuited this bit of Knowledge several years ago while seeking an energy that would sustain three criteria I set out to "test" for something that could be considered an Absolute.

1. It must be permanent.
2. It could not change.
3. And it could never be other than it is.

At the time I intuited NSgy, I was looking for the energy of Truth. What I was given was the Energy of God, the Soul, and of the Spiritual region itself. Of course it is also the region in which Absolute Truth, Love, Acceptance are found as well.

So it was a very valuable intuition. But it did pose a problem when I realized that as an Absolute Energy, the Soul could not interact with the MIND... which is not composed of NSgy. It took quite some time before I "remembered" the term "Shabd", from my earlier studies of Eastern mysticism.

Shabd is the Hindi counterpart of "Word" in the Bible. Both refer to the projected Energy of God, which is a stepped-down Spiritual Energy that although very subtle and powerful, it is of God, it is not God per se.

So as Shabd is to God, X must be to the Soul. I set about seeking the appropriate label for this special Operational Energy of the Soul.

I tried a number of symbols, terms, and words, but none of them seemed to fit. Then one evening I was researching something and I came across the Sanskrit word "apas", which means "work or working". I put this together with the Greek term for the Esoteric realms within the Whole Human Being "psyche", and came up with Apapsyche. Apapsyche has worked just fine, and once I got a "name" for much that has always been "assumed" to be the case with Man, these subtle operations could now be connected to form comprehensible [although still Esoteric] structures operating "within" Man.

How does the Apapsyche work?

Your Apapsyche has two aspects by which it operates. On is the Attn Aspect, and the other is the Awar Aspect. The Attn Aspect is the faculty of focusing or of Attention, and it can instantly be in any of the three realms which make-up the Whole Human Being (WHB) by adopting the vibrational energy of the realm in is entering. The Awar Aspect is the experiencing faculty and what the Attn Aspect is focused upon is what the Awar Aspect is experiencing.

Another part of ones Apapsyche is what I refer to as the "Apapsyche per se", and this part of the Apapsyche is where ones Knowledge is stored. What Knowledge? The result of ones Esotransmutation is that it generates Knowledge, the result of completing ones Karma. Click here to read about Esotransmutation .

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