A Revolutionary Discovery of a "Core" Natural Esoteric Phenomenon

What does "Esotransmutation" mean?

The prefix "eso" means "within", and specifically it refers to those dimensions of the human being that are not physical, nor discernible via one's brain and physical senses. The term "transmutate" is defined: "to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature, and especially to a higher form";and the tag "ion" refers to "process"(Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1990 edition).

In other words, and to attempt a verbal sense of the entire process: Esotransmutation refers to a naturally occurring, and normally unnoticed process taking place within every human being. This process involves one's MIND realm, one's Apapsyche, and the operation of this process converts deeply repressed childhood traumata [DbAasMT-explained shortly] from MIND-level negative emotional energy into knowledge and empathic understanding within one's Apapsyche per se, which results in an elevation of Apapsyche, and furthering one's Spiritual evolution [the "purpose" of Life].

The reference to [DbAasMT] refers to: Dissociated bits of Apapsyche as Misperceived Trauma, and this refers to the way in which one's MIND and Apapsyche combine in the experiential exploration of one's Fate Karma. I will attempt an explanation of this in the section on MIND.

What you have just read is, to say the least, extraordinary. It reads strangely because it is unfamiliar... even though we are talking about the Esoteric dynamics operating within every single person. What is truly strange is that what is so much a part of everyone would be so alien to us. And the reason for this is fear...although rare is the person who knows this. Many in mental health today will look at this as "pure fiction", such will be their denial of the reality operating within them of which they are so unaware. But, it is said that fact is stranger than fiction, and in this case [ because it is Esoteric... which means it cannot really be known via ones brain and thinking alone] , they are right.

An understanding of this process that I have called Esotransmutation has taken a lifetime of experiential study to acquire, and lots of Grace along the way. It began in the 1970's when I underwent an unusually intense Esotransmutation in my first Gestalt therapy session. Prior to this I was cognitively unaware, and after this it was impossible to return to my previous lack of awareness. Pandora's box had been opened, and there was nothing to do but to pursue it to some reasonable conclusion. By bits and pieces an understanding of the esoteric realms of the human being grew over several decades, and my private practice and teaching served as an experiential labratory in which I seemed to be the student of phenomena I came to Know, but could barely explain in cognitive terms. It was during the last decade that a bit of intuition came to me as the keystone for an understanding of the whole. And, it has taken a decade to translate what was intuited instantly into a form of communication that others, well, admittedly a few others, can relate to.

The operation of Esotransmutation is as old as Creation itself. However, the concept has never before been articulated as a whole concept that when properly comprehended can be used to simply nudge a person's MIND to do what it is resisting doing.... which is to release back to that person's Apapsyche a bit of DbAasMT whose time has come to return to Apapsyche per se as Knowledge and empathetic understanding. This is the natural thing to do as part of the Esotransmutation of that person... but it is being resisted by the person's MIND simply out of habit of repressing this bit. The "conflict" the person is experiencing is due to a conflict between the person's Apapsyche and the persons MIND. The current designation of this manifested conflict as a "mental illness" is both improper and misleading.

But then referring to something unknown by the name of something that is denied is not strange to those who do so. When BS&P refers to a person in conflict as having a "mental illness" when they have no idea what is causing the conflict and no idea what the MIND is... well why not just chalk it up to an "illness" of some unknown origin?
What I intuited that made the whole concept possible was the concept of Neutral Spiritual energy, or [NSgy]. I had been searching for Truth, because it seemed that it had something to do with what I "needed" to discover. I had developed certain criteria for Truth, such as it had to be permanent, it could never be other than it was, and it could not change. One evening a bit of intuition came to me, as a whole concept [which is the form of intuition], and the concept was of [NSgy]. It took me a while to comprehend the relationship, but when I did, I had an understanding of the whole human being. Only [NSgy] could meet the criteria of Truth. This meant that it also applied to God, to the Soul, and to the entire Spiriutal realm. As I pondered this over the next decade, I saw a problem between the Soul, which was [NSgy], and its exploration of Creation... since [NSgy] could not be other than it is, how is ones Soul going to interact with the MIND and physical realms?

That's when another intuition came to me regarding the "Operational Energy of the Soul", and a memory of the term "Shabd" which refers to a projected Energy of God which sustains the entire Creation. In the Bible, the comparable term is "Word". It was clear that the Soul needed something similar to the Shabd with which it could interact with realms composed of energies much different than its own. After pages filled with symbols, half words, and combinations of these, I found "Apas" in the dictionary, which is Sanskrit for work, or working. When I put this with psyche, Greek for self, soul, and mind, and kept the "soul" part of the definition, a new word was coined. Apapsyche, was the new term for the Operational Energy of the Soul.

So, Esotransmutation is just a symbol that refers to a phenomenon that involves many Esoteric elements within the whole of the human being. But the significance of that phenomenon is substantial, and an understanding of it opens a whole new field of study... that of Esochology.... which in turn, needs a new field of education, that of EsoEducation... or a field of education that deals specifically with Direct Esoteric communication, or DEc. DEc refers to the direct communication between ones own MIND and the MIND of another, and ones own Apapsyche and the Apapsyche of another. EsoEducation would focus on the Esoteric realms within the Whole Human Being, and on the means of teaching people how to awaken these realms from within themselves.

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