What is the MIND?


Is Not What Most Would Imagine It To Be


Your MIND is a fascinating phenomenon, and in the West, in America in particular, the fields of mental health and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" have taken a seriously wrong turn we can explain... with a few simple concepts that are perhaps unique with this course in the Psychology of Man.
To discuss the MIND of Man we must let go of the last century of disinformation we have received from modern mental health and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology". And let us henceforth refer to these fields collectively by using the symbol "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"].

YANG Energy of the MIND

In the early 1900's, a behavioral scientist named B.F. Skinner, with no instruction in Psychology [which, it is important to remember, is entirely an Esoteric study and cannot be studied with ones brain] was carried away with his considerable intellect and his MIND [which can be gleaned from his writings] was quite fearful of the Esoteric dimensions within himself]. At this point we must introduce the reader to a little known "process" of the MIND that the reader has not likely been exposed to before...

The MIND of Man is not physical. No part of it is physical. It is represented within Man by two entire subtle bodies: The Astral body and the Causal body. These two subtle forces comprise the whole MIND which has two halves: The lower MIND which is focused "down and out", and the higher MIND which attends higher functions that have little to do with the physical realm. The MIND also has what I refer to as the "Primary Defense Mechanism of the MIND". I have given this "process" the label "DM=SI" [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity]. Let us continue our discussion of the DM=SI shortly.

The role of ones MIND is to prevent one from becoming consciously aware of the repressed emotional traumata the MIND holds hidden within itself. Freud noted this same body of intense negative energy in Man and referred to it as the "ID". This body of negative energies is taken on by ones MIND directly [using DEC (Direct Esoteric Communication)] from the MINDs of ones mother [and father if the father is present] and from this collection of negativity taken-on by ones MIND and stored within ones MIND as Freud's "ID" and what I refer to as NS-Icm (Negative Self-Image composed of misperceptions)], in concert with: Ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]; And ones Fate Karma that one designed for this life [at the close of ones last life], are all combined to form ones personality for this life, and this is done at the time of ones birth.

Another aside: Each "bit" of traumata taken on by ones MIND is in actuality a dissociated "bit" of ones own Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul] which assumes the identity [replicates the resonant identity of a particular trauma that was actively being repressed within ones parents MIND]. Only the resonant vibration of the trauma (its resonant identity) is stored within the NS-Icm of ones MIND as a dissociated "bit" of ones Apapsyche, and this energy just happens to vibrationally "fit" perfectly some Karmic "due bill" that one must go through in this life. Ones Fate Karma, in other words gets "loaded" at the time of ones birth, and this "sets" both ones personality that will deal with the Karmic due bills for this life, and ones MIND keeps precise recording of all this within its MINDLines within itself.

Therefore, when ones MIND perceives something outside of oneself whose "resonance" or vibrational energy might trigger one of the deeply repressed bits of trauma [when the time is not "right" for this trauma to be triggered] ones MIND initiates its DM=SI, and its DM=SI feeds Delusional Thinking [D-Think] to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain which causes it to "think" what ones MIND wants it to think. As soon as D-Think is fed to the L-H of ones brain, ones Apapsyche fixes itself in the Left-Hemisphere and converts MIND-level thoughts to brain-level thinking so that ones brain has no way to differentiate between its own thinging based on what its physical senses are feeding it, and the MIND-level thoughts it now "thinks" are its own thinking.

To better understand what this new term "Apapsyche" means, the reader can cut away and research this new term HERE . The Apapsyche is course #3 any way.

And this and those who realize that the individual MIND is an aspect of the Universal MIND that oversees three entire planes of existence, the idea of using the terms brain and MIND interchangeably is really silly. But then, in the West we know very little of the MIND, where it is, what it is, how it works, or what its purpose is (?) relative to the Esoteric realms within Man is substantial. One might even say difficult to explain.
Your brain is physical... and your MIND is not. Your brain dies with your physical body at death, and your MIND, along with your Soul, continue together into your next life... whenever that maight be.
Question: Could the fear of Christians [although this is usually non-conscious to them] regarding the Esoteric realms existing within themselves be so great that this alone has prevented the West from discovering what much of the East has known for many thousands of years? Although no doubt contributing to the ignorance of the West, this alone cannot account for the ignorance, right? How about the natural fear that most people have of the "unknown" within themselves? This naturally non-conscious fear hidden within the MINDs of people would more likely be the cause... if not countered by an enlightened mental health field. Or... is it something else? Something more Esoteric?

Alas.... for over a century now, mental health has not been enlightened and worse, it has been aggressively engaged in producing disinformation that has prevented even natural psychics from providing us the help they possess.So when we couple this natural fear of the "unknown" within people with a century of aggressive denial of the Esoteric realms within Man by psychology and mental health.... and add to these psychological factors the additional fact that in the West we all tend to be Left-Hemisphere dominant individuals [one unknowingly denies the Right-Hemisphere which naturally gives one access to the Esoteric realm within oneself], we begin to explain how the West is in such denial of the Esoteric realms within Man.

The human MIND is one of three vibrational realms that make-up the whole of the human being. Two of the three, the MIND and Spiritual realms, are Esoteric [that is, their vibrational realities are too subtle for ones brain and physical senses to perceive]. The third vibrational realm is that of the physical plane. We are all familiar with the last of of these realms because it is physical, and it makes-up the physical body, the brain, and the physical senses. Using ones brain, in other words, one can discover one of the three realms of which one is composed. Only the physical realm. The other two realms cannot be perceived by the brain.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to convey this simple fact... that ones brain CANNOT perceive/comprehend/experience/or know/the MIND and Spiritual realms... except abstractly... which is the delusional problem we are faced with regarding the Esoteric in Man. That is, those who normally depend upon the brain as their primary source of informtion, do not realize that their MINDs are capable of sending Delusional Thinking to their brains that causes their brains to "think" that they know what the "mind" is because they can spell the word, define it, and use it in a sentence. Not being able to perceive the energy of the MIND, the brain has no way to differentiate the word "mind" from the actual vibrational energy of the actual MIND which it CANNOT PERCEIVE.
The problem is... the natural job of the MIND is to prevent one from discovering itself before one is "ready" to do so. This means that it will be quite impossible to make the majority of this website available to a majority of America. Does this mean that we will have to operate parallel mental health programs? That would be wonderful, if possible. But who, with even a modicum of experience, would imagine that the field that currently rules the roost would volunatarily allow a more enlightened program to exist?
I'm fairly sure that if any enlightened Esochology is to take place in America it will have to be "underground"... which is actually easy since the MINDs of those in BS&bp will deny the existence of a more enlightened Psychology anyway.
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