"the Purpose of Life"

and a new explanation of PSYCHOLOGY...

[Based on an upcoming book: the Purpose of Life, by James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist, to be published by Publish America]

To suggest that I am capable of suggesting the purpose of Life says something about me perhaps? Or at least calls for a few words regarding someone who suggests such a topic.

I am 73 years of age, and a semi-retired person who has spent the last thirty some years seeking a "complete" understanding of the Psychology of Man. Over this time I have facilitated a large number of people in the discovery of the MIND realms within themselves, and thus helped them remove certain "conflicts" that had been contained within their MINDs that were bothering them.

I also trained a number of people in a process of helping others that I now refer to as EsoEducation. And all of this rests upon another new concept that I refer to as "Esochology".

I have finished a book entitled "ESOCHOLOGY and the Purpose of Life", and it is the process of being published by Publish America. Hopefully to be published before the end of 2009. Until then, allow me to try and explain as briefly as possible what I perceive the Purpose of Life to be. I believe the Purpose of Life to be doing and completing ones Karma. Does this strike you as odd, or even silly? In the West, such a statement might be seen as silly because people in the West, generally speaking, are quite ignorant of the concept of Karma, and certainly that of Fate Karma.

The Law of Karma regulates the whole of Life, or at least those things of life that are living. The Law of Karma is quite simple. As you sow, so shall you reap is the Law. And this Law is an Absolute in that it applies to all of life with no exception. The administrator of Karma is ones MIND, and within it are MINDLines that contain both a record of what one has done, and a record of what is "due" one. I refer to these latter as "due bills", or Karma that must be taken against oneself at some point in either this life, or some future life.

And "future life" introduces another new concept to the West, and that is the term "reincarnation". Reincarnation merly refers to the fact that the cycle of birth and death is continuous so that each Soul may fulfill the Purpose of Life, which is to thoroughly and completely explore and experience the entire Creation. The notion that one has one life to do this is quaint perhaps, but obvious to the thoughtful person one life would be inadequate.

At ones death, ones physical body, brain and personality for that life end, and ones Soul with its MIND attached moves into the Astral region, before a "judge" where in consultation with that judge, ones Soul evaluates ones past life relative to how well one did working through ones Karma for that life.

Again in consultation with the judge, one designs a new Fate Karma for ones next life. Then one spends some time in some heaven or some hell, depending upon which one has "earned". When the time is ready for one to incarnate into ones new body, and to develop a new personality to "fit" ones Fate Karma for that life, one is born. This is what each Soul does and is doing... and the "illusion" of life is such that we do not normally remember having done this before. At least it is rare that one remembers. The only exception might be those born with psychic ability who may intuit such memory or the actual Astral realm itself.

To study Psychology properly one must do so from "within" oneself. This of course sounds quite strange given what modern mental health does. But what modern mental health does is delusional and ineffective. It's even harmful in many ways. Henceforth we will refer to modern mental health and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" by the symbol "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"].

Man is composed of three simultaneously existing and yet separate realms or energies and these all share the same time and space. These are from inside out: Ones Spiritual realm [Soul and Apapsyche]; Ones MIND realm; And ones physical body, brain and physical senses.

The only part of Man that the brain can perceive is the physical one-third of Man, and so BS&bp studies and "treats" one-third of Man while in denial of two-thirds of Man. Oddly enough, the only parts of Man that continue after death are the two-thirds that BS&bp deny and ignore.

If you have a desire to explore the "Unknown" within Man further, you can research Here . 1