ESOCHOLOCY, combines: "eso" (Gk) meaning "within", and "chology" as "a study of", to form this new term.

DEFINITION: A study of the Esoteric dimenisons of the whole human being (or WHB), from "within" those Esoteric realms themselves via ones faculty of Intuition operating from ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]. This of course means one does so in an "altered" state of consciousness.

Altered state of consciousness? What does this means? Who ever wrote this must be on something illegal! No, just aware of a new way to both view and treat the Whole Human Being. By "whole" we are merely referring to no longer ignoring two-thirds of who and what Man is... as mental health has done for over a century, or since the early 1900's.

A quick note for those unfamiliar with operating within the Esoteric realms within Man, it should be pointed out that Esoteric Knowledge cannot be obtained except from "within" ones own Esoteric realms via DEc [Direct Esoteric communication]. Ones brain is incapable of perceiving the energy of the Esoteric, and therefore, the Esoteric cannot be cognitively known. One may "think" about the Esoteric, using abstract words, but that is not a "Knowledge" of it.

The essential reason this definition may not appear readily comprehendable is that the study of Esochology takes place when and while one's Attn Aspect of Apapsyche is focused in one's MIND realm, or in one's Apapsyche. That is, one is not "thinking", but one is experiencing the vibrational communication that occurs when one's Attn Aspect is focused in either of the two realms that are not physical. The nearer the reader comes to actually accepting the concept that it is possible to "know" something that one's brain has not experienced at all.... and cannot, therefore know, the nearer the reader is to comprehending the concept of Esochology, and of the Esoteric as well.

Simply put, the Study of Esochology takes place when one's Attn Aspect of Apapsyche is focused in one's MIND realm, or in one's Apapsyche. And, when one's Attn Aspect of Apapsyche is focused in one's brain, one cannot be engaged in the study of Esochology. This is, of course, a very difficult concept for education to embrace. But, the time has come to do so. There are literally tens of thousands of individuals waiting for Esochology to become more widely known.... and studied. Tens of thousands of individuals who have grown up believing themselves to be "crazy", or some other name thrown at that which is not quickly grasped by one's brain. Such an opportunity for education to take a giant leap forward.... quietly demands [and perhaps not so quietly] that a new field of education be established, and that it be called EsoEducation, and that it be exclusively dedicated to the study of the Esoteric within each human being.

The reason we are so intransigent on the point of the brain being useless in the study of Esochology is that the MIND automatically works to cloud this issue, in fact, the MIND is dedicated to ones not discovering itself, or any other dimension of the Esoteric within Man. The MIND, via D-Think, or Delusional Thinking, feeds thoughts to the brain that convince the brain that it can, and does understand the esoteric. It does so abstractly, that is, by seeing the words MIND, God, Soul, Apapsyche, etc., but it CANNOT experience what these abstract words are referring to, and thus, the brain cannot KNOW any of these vibrational realities which exist outside of its range of perception. Anyone who believes he can comprehend the Esoteric by use of his brain is delusional...period. If you have an interest in the new field of Esochology, or a study of the esoteric dimensions within the WHB, then try:this, or contact me directly at 1