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The society

"Etsi" (my tree, in Hebrew) is the first Sephardi Genealogical and Historical Society, founded in 1998 in Paris by: Mrs Laurence Abensur-Hazan, Anne-Marie Rychner-Faraggi, Lucette Marques-Toledano, Mr Sidney Pimienta, Jimmy Pimienta, Philip Abensur, Claude Missistrano

The purpose of "Etsi" is to help people interested in Jewish Genealogical and Historical Research in the Sephardi World. "Etsi"'s field of study covers the Ottoman Empire (Turkey, Greece, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Egypt...), North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), Spain, Portugal, Italy and Gibraltar. The study of every Sephardi community or family who lived in other regions is equally within the society's aim.

The objective of the founders is to create an international exchange forum for genealogists and historians interested in research into the Sephardi world.

"Etsi" supports and encourages all research work on Sephardi Genealogy and History, especially archives records, cemeteries records, ketubbot (Jewish marriage contracts) and circumcisions registers inventories.


The review

The quarterly review "Etsi" is the main source of information about Sephardi genealogy and history.

You will find there:


The articles of the review Etsi are written in French or in English, with large summaries in the other language.

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Other main sources


We hope that every searcher could find in the review as well as within the society "Etsi" information to begin or deepen her/his Sephardi genealogy and participate in the knowledge of the history of the Sephardi world.

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