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Hi everyone. You know there are some REALLY harsh rumors going around about Sarah, AJ's fiancee. Some fans are really being obsessed about her and AJ getting married, saying she is using him and she doesn't really love him. A whole lotta BS if u ask me. AJ has told us fans that he feels Sarah has helped him be strong in battling his depression and alcohol. He has said he loves her and is happy with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her...THAT should be good enough for us fans. AJ loves Sarah, it don't matter if we (the fans) do, he does. No you don't have to like Sarah, but have some respect for the future wife of AJ and the future mother of his kids. If you don't like her, fine you don't have to, no one has ever said you did. AJ loves her. Remember that, respect that and accept it. ~~fab5bsb~~ Forever KTBPA!!

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