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Eddie Amoo - vocals

Eddie Ankrah - vocals

Joe Ankrah - vocals

Alan Fielding - vocals

Nat Smedo - vocals


The Chants were different from the rest of the beat groups in that they were a black vocal group who had a style which owed much to American groups of the Fifties such as The Ravens and The Flamingos. They were formed in Liverpool in 1962 and originally called themselves the Shades.

Late in 1962 they turned up at the Cavern club for an audition but didn't have a backing group, the Beatles offered to provide backing for them, but Brian Epstein objected. John Lennon overruled him and the Chants made their Cavern dubut in November 1962 with the Beatles providing their backing.

Despite his initial opposition, Epstein briefly took over the management of the group early in 1963. They found him ineffectual as a manager and he agreed to release them. Then they sined with a Manchester-based agent, Ted Ross, who arranged a recording deal with Pye Records.

The Chants made an impact on several tours and in Eddie Amoo they possessed an effective performer.. 

They sustained their career throughout most of the '60s without troubling the charts despite recording for several different labels. In the mid-seventies singer Amoo finally found success with the disco band The Real Thing.



I Don't Care/Come Go With Me

Pye 7N 15557



I Could Write A Book/A Thousand Stars

Pye 7N 15591



She's Mine/Then I'll Be Home

Pye 7N 15643



Sweet Was The Wine/One Star

Pye 7N 15691



Come Back And Get This Loving Baby/Lovelight

Fontana TF 715



A Love's Story/Wearing A Smile

Decca F 12650



Ain't Nobody Home/For You

Page One POF 016



A Man Without A Face/Baby I Don't Heed Your Love

RCA RCA 1754



I Get The Sweetest Feeling/Candy

RCA RCA 1823