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Mike Smith - keyboards/vocals (born December 12th 1943, London)

Denis Payton - saxophone (born August 11th 1943, London)

Lenny Davidson - guitar/vocals (born May 30th 1944, London)

Rick Huxley - bass guitar (born August 5th 1942, Dartford)

Dave Clark - drums (born December 15th 1942, London)


The DC5 formed in 1958 in Tottenham as a backing group for North London singer Stan Saxon, by 1961 the line-up of their hit making years was established. Initially an instrumental group playing local dances, they recorded unsuccessfully for Ember and Piccadilly before signing with EMI's Columbia in 1963.

Their cover of The Contours' "Do You Love Me", a staple in the repertoire of many of the British beat groups, was only a minor hit, but with "Glad All Over", written by Clark and Smith, they had the first of ten million selling singles. The record heavily featured the sounds that would become the bands' trademarks - shouts, thumping drums and Smiths husky vocals.

Their toppling of the Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" from the top of the British charts led to major headlines in the British newspapers, but it was in America that the group were most successful. Promoted by more appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show (18) than any other of the "British Invasion" bands. They enjoyed a string of million sellers including "Bits And Pieces", "Can't You See That She's Mine", "Because", "Over And Over" and "Catch Us If You Can" the title song of the 1965 film starring the group.

Their US hits continued until 1967 fuelled by constant touring. In Britain they continued until 1970, ranging from ballads such as "Everybody Knows" (67) to the rock 'n' roll revival-inspired "Good Old Rock 'n' Roll" (69) and "More Good Old Rock 'n' Roll" (70).

Clark folded the group in 1971.


Mar '63

The Mulberry Bush/Chaquita

Columbia DB 7011


Sep '63

Do You Love Me/Doo-Dah

Columbia DB 7112


Nov '63

Glad All Over/I Know You

Columbia DB 7154


Feb '64

Bits And Pieces/All Of The Time

Columbia DB 7210


May '64

Can't You See That She's Mine/Because

Columbia DB 7291


Aug '64

Thinking Of You Baby/Whenever You're Around

Columbia DB 7335


Oct '64

Anyway You Want It/Crying Over You

Columbia DB 7377


Jan '65

Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)/Say You Want Me

Columbia DB 7453


Mar '65

Reelin' And Rockin'/Little Bitty Pretty One

Columbia DB 7503


May '65

Come Home/Mighty Good Loving

Columbia DB 7580


Jul '65

Catch Us If You Can/Move On

Columbia DB 7625


Oct '65

Over And Over/I'll Be Yours

Columbia DB 7744


Feb '66

Try Too Hard/All Night Long

Columbia DB 7863


May '66

Look Before You Leap/Please Tell Me Why

Columbia DB 7909


Oct '66

Nineteen Days/I Need Love

Columbia DB 8028


Mar '67

You Got What It Takes/Sitting Here Baby

Columbia DB 8152


May '67

Tabatha Twitchit/Pin-Striped Suit

Columbia DB 8194


Oct '67

Everybody Knows/Concentration Baby

Columbia DB 8286


Feb '68

No One Can Break A Heart Like You/You Don't Want My Lovin'

Columbia DB 8342


Sep '68

The Red Balloon/Maze Of Love

Columbia DB 8465


Nov '68

Live In The Sky/Children

Columbia DB 8505



Mulberry Tree/Small Talk

Columbia DB 8545



Get It On Now/Maze Of Life

Columbia DB 8591



Put A Little Love In Your Heart/34-06

Columbia DB 8624



Good Old Rock 'n' Roll/Good Old Rock 'n' Roll (Part 2)

Columbia DB 8638



Everybody Get Together/Darling I Love You

Columbia DB 8660



Julia/Five By Five

Columbia DB 8681



Here Comes Summer/Break Down And Cry

Columbia DB 8689



More Good Old Rock 'n' Roll/More Good Old Rock 'n' Roll (Part 2)

Columbia DB 8724



Southern Man/If You Wanna See Me Cry

Columbia DB 8749



Won't You Be My Lady/Into Your Life

Columbia DB 8791




The Dave Clark Five - Do You Love Me?/I Know You/Poison Ivy/No Time To Lose

Columbia SEG 8289


Hits Of The Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over/Can't You See That's She's Mine/Thinking Of You Baby/Bits And Pieces

Columbia SEG 8381

Oct '65

Wild Weekend - Wild Weekend/When?/Old Sol/A New Kind Of Love

Columbia SEG 8447



May '64

A Session With The Dave Clark Five - Can't You See That She's Mine?/I Need You/I Love You No More/Humbie/Funny/On Broadway/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Can I Trust You//Forever And A Day/Theme Without A Name/She's All Mine/Time

Columbia 33SX 1598

Jul' 65

Catch Us If You Can - Catch Us If You Can/On The Move/If You Come Back/Long Ago/Anytime You Want Love/I Can't Stand It/Your Turn To Cry/Hurtin' Inside/Don't Be Taken In/Don't You Realise/Sweet Memories

Columbia SX 1756

Dec '66

Greatest Hits - Glad All Over/Do You Love Me?/Bits And Pieces/Because/Catch Us If You Can/Can't You See That She's Mine?/Come Home/I Like It Like That/Over And Over/Reelin' And Rockin'/At The Scene/Satisfied With You/Try Too Hard/Nineteen Days

Columbia SX 6105


Everybody Knows - Everybody Knows/A Little Bit Now/At the Place/Inside And Out /Red And Blue/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby/Good Love Is Hard to Find/Lost In His Dreams/Concentration Baby/Hold On Tight/I'll Do the Best I Can

Columbia SX 6207


14 Titles By Dave Clark -

Columbia SX 6309




The History Of The Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over, Bits And Pieces, Do You Love Me, Can't You See That She's Mine, Because, Don't Let Me Down, Any Way You Want It, Everybody Knows (I Still Love You), Any Time You Want Love, Thinking Of You Baby, Whenever You're Around, Little Bitty Pretty One, Crying Over You, Don't Be Taken In, When, Reelin' And Rockin', Come Home, Mighty Good Loving, Hurting Inside, Wild Weekend, Til The Right One Comes Along, Catch Us If You Can, I'll Be Yours My Love, I Am On My Own, I Need Love, Try Too Hard, All Night Long, Look Before You Leap, Please Tell Me Why, Somebody Find A New Love, Satisfied With You, At The Scene, I Miss You, Do You Still Love Me, Nineteen Days, I've Got To Have A Reason, I Like It Like That, Over And Over, You Got What It Takes, Doctor Rhythm, Small Talk, Concentration Baby, Everybody Knows, Inside And Out, At The Place, Best Day's Work, Maze Of Love, Here Comes Summer, Live In The Sky, Everybody Get Together