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Date: Wed Feb 14, 2001 7:23 am
Subject: Molly Clover :0)

This comes secondhand to me via our oldest daughter.)

We have seven lambs that are being bottle fed right now. We faithfully bring Molly out with us to *feed the lambs*. We specifically tell Molly which chore we are going to do, and she is always eager to come along.)

Anyway, when the kids opened up the door, the lambs were out of their pen, and one of them got outside, and was running around the yard. Brianna said the kids where chasing the lamb, couldn't catch it, sat down and told Molly: *Molly, put the lamb in the garage*. Molly went after the lamb and put her right in the garage!)

Isn't that something! I wished I would have seen it!! I am so pleased with her, and how she responds to all of us, not just one of us. She is really a joy to have around!)

Also, we had someone come and deliver some large round haybales. She was in the house when they dropped them off. Well, when she went out later, she just had a fit. She knew those haybales weren't there before, and she wouldn't let me go anywhere near them! LOL! She had to go check them out first for herself. Luckily for them, they weren't the aggressive type! :0)

Laurean April 24, 2001

Hi Elaine!

Finally some pics that are good enough to send!

Molly is gorgeous! We love her to pieces! She is leaving the sheep ears alone. Now if we can get her to quit barking at the horses!

We had tornadoes three miles south of us last Friday. She and Helen (6) were the smart ones, they cuddled up together under a table in the basement while the rest of us dummies were upstairs watching the weather!

Molly hates thunder. She runs around the yard trying to chase it down. We have to bring her in the house, or she would run herself ragged!

Wed Nov 21, 2001 9:00 am
Subject: It's been awhile :0)


I thought I would tell you though, what Molly did today.

This morning we heard quite a ruckus outside, it was Molly barking like crazy!

Come to find out there was a raccoon, right outside of our house in broad daylight.

She had him cornered and would not let him go.

The neatest part though was when I came out with the .22, she automatically knew to get behind me. I didn't have to tell her to *come*. It was like she knew she did her part, and now it was my turn! :0)

I feel badly about the raccoon, but rabies is common in them this year, and I don't want to take any chances.

Molly goes in today for a booster rabies shot.

Laurean Clover

Laurean writes:

Molly is a treat that's for sure, she is so good with the kids and animals. Awhile back we had a problem with her chasing cars on the road, but we came to a happy medium, and she chases the cars, but stays in the yard. I am not so sure if it's a chase or a race.

The highlight though was a couple of weeks back...... The kids camp out in their tents in the yard, and Molly parks herself right in front of the tent door. One night it was too hot to sleep out, she slept in front of the tent anyway! We couldn't convince her to come in.

She is really good with the chickens and cat ( all the critters we have right now), but really gives the blackbirds a hard time. I think that it because Val shoots at them, so she knows they are not welcome.

I have had people ask for her pups when we decide to breed her ( I am thinking in time for next spring if possible), one family we had to tell *no* because they do not take care of their animals very well. Unfortunately they are our next door neighbors down the road. We also had to tell a town family *no* because they have a small lot. They intended it for a house dog. I can't imagine keeping Molly cooped up like that, she would go bonkers!

Anyway, thats about it around here. How are things with you? You are in Arizona now?

Glad to hear from you!


Molly's Dad, Jacob
Molly's granddam, Mona

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