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What AWFA is all About

Trisha's Abby, Justice and Skid
Charland's Boo
Bravehearted Highland King
Jim Wolfrun's Celt
Chesney's Farmcollies
Clover's Molly
Joel Eldredge's Farmcollies
Floyd's Jessie
Golem Kennels
Good Shepherd Farm
Green's Buddy and Trudy
Harala's Farmcollies
Heartsong Acres
Hidden Haven Farm
Holland's Beau
K-9 Station's Vegas and Presto
Niedrauer's American Working Farmcollies
Peaslee's Raven
Red Bank Farm
Reynolds' English Shepherds and Farmcollies
Laura P's Sadie and Ralph
Tish's Farmcollies
Serena's Farmcollies
Silver Cloud Shep
Thornhill West Farmcollies
WhiteOak Farmcollies
Thyme 4 EWE
Windshadow Farm's Pippi
4J Acres Farmcollies

Training Farmcollies

Stockmanship and Dogs
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Breeding Farmcollies

Breeding Dogs for the Next Millenium
Pros and Cons of Inbreeding
Reconstituting a Breed
The concept of Landrace Breed
Breed Conservation

Dog Health Links
Collie Eye Anomaly
What is PennHIP?
DNA study of Canine Hip Dysplasia at the University of Missouri

Dog Breeders' Guild
Your New Puppy

Pictures of Scotch Collies
Tip, a farm collie from the fifties!
King, a farmcollie from the fifties!

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Farmcollie Guardian Behavior
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