Good Shepherd's Jack

With all this talk of having pictures of our dogs working, I've been trying to keep the camera close at hand in case the opportunity arose to snap a shot. Yesterday I had a chance to capture Jack with one of my turkey hens. She had come up to the house and Jack was escorting her back to the barn area.

She is a little bold and defensive around the dogs and will walk up and peck them. I had told Jack to be gentle with her (he would have liked to nip her tail to get her going) so I believe he "grazed" with her to diffuse the situation and put her at ease.

He was actually eating the grass. Even so, as he laid down near her she took a peck at him. Good boy, he just jumped back and moved instead of retaliating.

He is a very biddable dog, like his mother and will do what I ask even if it means getting beat up by a turkey!

Good Shepherd Farm

Jack, with his brothers and sisters.

Jack is by Good Shepherd's Judah
And out of Good Shepherd's Ellie

Good Shepherd Farm
Tess, Jack's Sister
Tara, Jack's Sister
Celt, Jack's Brother
Indy, Jack's's Brother
Polly, Jack's Sister

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