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Petunia is a remnant of a pocket of American OTFS in the pacific northwest. From discussing this with Dusty Copeland (Pet's breeder) and Linda Rorem, I speculate that the ancestors of this type were possibly a cross between the Scotch collie types that went over the Oregon Trail and the Spanish Mastiffs that came in with the flocks of sheep that Kit Carson drove up there from New Mexico during the Gold Rush.

Notice the "irish markings"


I am thankful for our OTFS, Jessie. She is really coming into her own now as a late bloomer. She is guardian, and "big brother" extraordinaire to the goats now. No bullying or monkey business is allowed that she does not attempt to stop. When we get up in the mornings, she is IN the goat pen (and I don't know HOW she got in there!) watching the goats all very carefully. What a wonderful dog! Even every chicken must be in it's place (which is over the bridge near the barn, not near the house.

Pedigree of Jessie and Rebel's pups.

Female pups

Male pups

Belle, Rebel and Petunia's Daughter
Hannah, Rebel and Petunia's Granddaughter
Gillie, Rebel and Petunia's Granddaughter
Rebel x Petunia puppy pedigree

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