Non-Fiero Stuff

So there IS more to me than my passion for Fieros! Below are pics of my horses, pets, friends, etc.

Here's my retired Thoroughbred, Tony

And my other horse, Sierra

This is from a couple years ago, in Texas

My dog, Joey, a yellow Lab

Look I'm a Queen!
My friend Heidi and Me.

My friend Ro, Me, & of course the coupe

My best friend, Emma(right) and Me(middle) at Prom

Graduation Day

I also love drawing, this is from a photo I took

This is the photo it's from-I like to think I'm a good photographer

And below are some pics from Indy 500 this year, from the pits as the race was starting

My Jerry Springer Shoes...

Me and Emma

Me and Roselle

My cat, Khaali