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Pontiac's answer to the 1973 oil crisis seems to be the small two seat, mid-engined commuter car known as the Fiero.
The Pontiac Fiero existed with a short life span from 1984-1988. In 1978, it was proposed, and in 1979 development began.

1979 Full Size Clay Model. Photo from "Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988"
It was known as The P-car and given the temporary name "Pegasus". Hulki Aldikacti headed up this team and kept the vision for this car. Engineers developed the all-steel space frame chassis with excellent crash barrier stats. Using a mill-and-drill machine, which attached the plastic body panels tightly, it ensured all the 39 pieces were milled correctly.

Drivetrain, chassis, and panels, "Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988"

Since it was meant to be a fuel-efficient commuter car, the base model's acceleration was nowhere near staggering. But Pontiac offered options, such as 3 Transmission choices, Two 4-speeds (one with final drive ratio 4.10:1 and the other fuel efficient 3.32:1.), and the automatic was a 3 speed with a 3.18 ratio. Unfortunately, money couldn't be spared in the 80's and compromises were made-most parts were off of previously existing GM cars such as the Chevy Chevette. It was February 25, 1983 that Pontiac gave a name to the Fiero, meaning "very proud" in Italian. American's were excited to see the plastic-bodied car be produced, so when the car was introduced in the September 12, 1983; 100,000 people snagged it up. List price on an '84 was est. at $9,000 compared to $10,000 to the same year RX-7 and $15,000 for the Fiat X1/9. It was GM's second 2-seater ever, and the first mid-engine car to be produced in the US. Plans to improve it were assumed as time went by. It had a 93.4 in. wheelbase, 68.9 in. width and was only 46.9 inches high. Even with these small dimensions, fieros proved to be safe cars. They got excellent ratings with government tests: 5 stars on both front and side collisions. 136,940 Fiero 2M4's were sold in that first season . When the GT was introduced, 135 horses pushed along the 2.8 L V6 and upped interest in the car with better performance. In it's first year, one could buy it in red, white, black,and light gray metallic.In 1985 the GT was a notchback, but then in 1986 the fastback came along, the notchback GT turned into the SE. When tested by Car & Driver, the Fiero hit 60 in 8.2 seconds, with a top speed of 119. Also in 1986, a Motor Trend columnist described the Fiero, "Here is a 2-seat, mid-engined vrump vrump machine that shouts 'we buid excitement' at the top of its lungs" In 1987, the only changes were the new fascias and a 12 gallon gas tank (up from 10.2 in previous years). A new shade of red, as well as bright blue were added to the selection. In 1988 a fully independent, Lotus inspired suspension graced the chassis. Another change was the addition of yellow as one of the color choices. Lowered sales in 1988 caused the death of the car, on March 1, the chairman of GM, Roger Smith canceled it. Sales would have to exceed 50,000 to 60,000 sales a year to be profitable, which they weren't. A total of 370,167 Fieros were made, with an estimated 300,000 still on the road. A few convertible and 1989 prototypes were made, but when the cancellation of the Fiero came, the cars were crushed. The fiero plant still stands, and a few panels may be remaining along with a lot of the machinery.

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FIERO PERFORMANCE STATS Year...Model...Engine......0-60...1/4 Mile

1984.....SE.....2.5L I4......10.9..18.1@74
1984..pacecar..2.7L I4......6.3...14.7@93
1985....2M6....2.8L V6......6.9...15.2@90
1886.....GT.....2.8L V6......7.1...15.0@91
1988..formula..2.8L V6......6.9...15.4@89
1988.....GT.....2.8L V6......7.8...16.0@85

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