Writing Assignment using descriptive vocabulary, similes, and metaphors


What is so important about the characters we write about?

Interesting characters are the heart and soul of good stories.

People enjoy reading stories and watching films about interesting people, animals and other characters. If the characters are fascinating, we are interested in the rest of the story like the setting (place) and the plot (events in the story). If the characters are boring, most of us won't care to read or to watch a film about them, even if the rest of the story is good.

Assignment: Create your own character: it can be a person, an object, or an animal of some sort. Pick a name for your character:


Now think about the personality you want your character to have. How does your character look? What does your character like? Use this graphic organizer to help you organize your thoughts about your character. Use adjectives, similes, and metaphors to describe your new character. A character description is also called a character sketch. Just as an artist uses paint, or ink or some other medium to draw a detailed picture, so a writer uses words to sketch (or to paint) a word picture of the characters in the story.

Write a character description of at least 100 words. Include the following: