Pledge/contribution (per         Amount due at time of pledge/        Amount due when Initiative    Amount due as single sum
each 100 signatures)                 contribution (based on ______        qualifies (based on _______     on pledges/contributions
                                                     valid signatures (rounded)               valid signature count                made after Initiative is
                                                     needed to qualify initiative              (rounded)                                    qualified and (OUED)

one cent ___________________$ _________________________        $ ______________________      for total $  _____________

five cents __________________ $ _________________________        $_______________________     for total $ _____________

ten cents ___________________$ _________________________        $ _______________________    for total $ _____________

other ______________________ $ _________________ _______         $ _______________________    for total $ _____________

Contributors to DEMOCRATHONS are free to fix a ceiling on amounts contributed or pledged (e.g. one
cent per each 100 signatures)
NOT TO EXCEED $25.00 or $100.00, or $1,000.00 or $10,000.00.etc.) 
The DEMOCRATHON Process  -  Societal Oversight
- Toward The Compassionate Global Society -
The DEMOCRATHON process in the post-Darwin era is a unique political/educational/fundraising devise whose potential in the advancement of human enlightenment has been measurably  enhanced, locally and globally, by the advent of Internet communication.  The DEMOCRATHON process utilizes the Initiative and Referendum (Direct Democracy) currently available in some form in 27 states in the USA and in a growing number of countries worldwide.

To be an educational tool with optimum citizen participation (both within and beyond the political jurisdiction of the considered Initiative) a commensurate forum is necessary.  To be successful at the polls and for carrying out stated goals (both within and beyond the political jurisdiction of the considered Initiative) a commensurate funding mechanism is needed.  Areas within the purview of representative government (and thus subject to societal oversight) include the basics of
the Compassionate Global Society:  (a) a healthful, sustainable environment for every planetary citizen (b) universal health care, publicly supported, (c) education for all based upon individual capability, (d)  creative/productive empoyment for every citizen, (e) financial security upon completion of work career.  Exercising "people power" (made viable by DEMOCRATHON funding),  citizen activists - and/or a progressive governor  -  can effect meaningful changes  in particularly controversial areas where the legislature has failed to act.
Fundraising centers on the generation of pledges/contributions equal in amount to the total number of valid signatures collected in the considered DEMOCRATHON (based on official estimates.)  Contributors include private citizens, public/private organizations, corporations, schools, churches, and others.

DEMOCRATHONS do not terminate with the qualifying of Initiatives, but continue on until election day (OUED) in order to maximize fundraising/public education/voter turnout. 
Disbursement of surplus monies generated by a DEMOCRATHON successful at the polls (an additional fundraising incentive targeting worthy projects) is effected as predetermined by organizers. If unsuccessful at the polls, surplus monies are disbursed as previously agreed (but tied to a built-in contingency fund earmarked for a repeat DEMOCRATHON.)  Should signatures gathered be insufficient in number to qualify the Initiative on the ballot, surplus monies, if any, become totally committed to a repeat DEMOCRATHON.  Signature gatherers are the lifeblood of direct/participatory democracy and their contribution in the framing of DEMOCRATHONS is indispensable and appreciatively solicited.
DEMOCRATHON  - Valid Signatures Needed (rounded):  To Qualify ________ Targeted ________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ___________
  (See draft DEMOCRATHON)
"The Golden Rule is a natural consequence of the recognition of the unity of being" (Esme Wynne-Tyson, The Philosophy of Compassion, Centaur Press, 1970.)
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