Following Your Dreams
Generic Tips
What it takes
Kick start your creativity
Procrastination and goals
Five golden rules for writers
Career plan for fiction writers
Suggestions for writing a novel
Chicken Feathers and Alligator Hide
The Tragic Hero
What's in a Name
Character Identification
The Eight Male Archtypes
Writing the Effective Villain
How to Create a Character
The Eight Female Archtypes
Creating Dramatic Characters
Fiction Writer's Character Chart
Creating Memorable Characters
How to create a character profile
Breathing life into your characters
Getting Started
Show or tell
Manuscript Setup
Dynamic Beginnings
Writers Cheat Sheets
How to Finish a Novel
Constructing a Scene
Ten Points on Plotting
Outlining for Dummies
Beginnings and Endings
Elements of a Successful Story
Plotting is a Seven Letter Word
Developing Efficient Work Habits
How to write a novel in ten weeks
Structuring your Novel for Success
Hard Facts for a First Time Novelist
Dialogue and View Point
Point of View
Narrative Voice
Their own Voice
Let's Talk about Dialogue
Dialogue: A Few Sins and a Sinner
Editing and Polishing
Self Editing
Proofing your Story
Dealing with Rejection
How to Critique  Fiction
Revising your Manuscript
Top Ten Plotting Problems
Nuts and Bolts of Critiquing
Checklists for Fiction Writers
Ten Guidelines for Stronger Sentences
Dealing with Rejection: Ten Points of Comfort
Using the Five Senses to Create the Perfect Setting
Strictly Romance
Love Scenes
Sexual Tension
Romantic Chemistry
Putting the Steam into Romantic Fiction
Paranormal aspects in Romance Novels
Six Ingredients of a Sensual Romance Novel
Getting Published
The Story Synopsis
Reading a Contract
A step by step synopsis
How to write a synopsis
The Process of Publishing a Novel
Researching pubishers and Agents
Writing a query letter about your novel
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