Some technical information ...

FrontaLED is a headlamp with revolutionary performances . It has been designed for those who do not only require from a lamp that it lights, but that it lights well !
On top of its superior brightness FrontaLED saves on batteries and is light and practical.

... White LEDs [top]

LED blanche The recent launch of white LEDs on the market has allowed this revolution.
Technologically a white LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an electronic component that produces light without heating a filament : the electrical current crossing a semiconductor material produces the emission of photons. The warm-up is minimal, allowing an excellent luminous efficiency.
Red, yellow and green LEDs have existed for many years (look at your computer !), but manufacturers only recently discovered how to produce white LEDs.

White LEDs have many advantages over incandescent bulbs :

... the regulation electronics [top]

schema In a conventional flashlight the simple replacement of the incandescent bulb by a white LED would already improve greatly its performances.
However FrontaLED's designer did not stop at that point : he designed an electronic regulation circuit which permits making the most of the LEDs possibilities.

Thus FrontaLED has two lighting modes that the user can easily select with the main switch.

MAXI : extremely powerful and long range lighting.
Burn time : approx. : 8 hours.
ECO : The "do everything" mode : walk, read, cook ... or wash the dishes.
Burn time : approx. : 48 hours.

In both modes the light level is absolutely constant during 90% of the batteries charge (no yellowing). The level then goes down rapidly when the batteries are close to the end. There is therefore no doubt when they have to be replaced. However the lamp stops completely only some tens of hours later !
The burn times quoted are valid for a normal use and with batteries (alkaline) at 25°C.

The electronic circuit is molded in a special resin. Thus all the parts that are sensitive to humidity are protected and FrontaLED can be used without fear in humid environment or under driving rain. However FrontaLED is not designed for diving.
On the temperature side FrontaLED is guaranteed to work from -30°C to +35°C (-22°F to 95°F).

... the switch [top]

It is very easy to switch on and off FrontaLED, even wearing big mittens : just tilt the blue resin block !

How does it work ?
A magnet is attached to the black support and a switch sensitive to magnetic field is molded in the blue resin with the rest of the electronics. When the switch is close to the magnet, the lamp switches off. When it moves away, it switches on. Everything resides in the distance between the two components.

The same switch is used to change the lighting mode of FrontaLED (see electronic regulation) : when the lamp is switched off and immediately on again (within half a second), the lighting mode changes (-ECO-MAXI-ECO- ...) On the other hand, if the lamp is switched on after a longer time, FrontaLED will stay in the same mode (the one before the extinction).

The transport lock is simple and clever. Just put the end of the small rope (attached to the support) in both the support hole and the blue block holes. The lamp can not be switched on any more !
And in a glance one can check if the lock is set up.

... batteries : alkaline or lithium ? [haut]

All batteries loose some of their performances when exposed to cold temperatures. However this loss is less important for some technologies.

Alkaline batteries do not withstand well temperatures under 0°C and have therefore to be protected from cold. This is the main reason why the Alpinist model was designed with a battery case that can be placed in a warm pocket.

Lithium batteries (1.5V, L91, produced by Energizer ®) are better suited for cold weather use. Their manufacturer specifies them down to -20°C. However they are much more expensive than alkaline batteries (about 4 times).

This price difference is negated by two other major advantages of lithium batteries :

Alkaline batteries stay the cheapest alternative but the high performances of lithium batteries make them a must for extended and cold weather uses .

... comparison FrontaLED / Standard headlamp [top]

FrontaLED Standard headlamp
Extremely bright Halogen bulbs are the only one that have approaching brightness
48 burn time Nothing comparable on the market
2 lighting modes Nothing comparable (or almost)
LEDs never break down When the bulb breaks down, it is always at the worst moment !
Constant brightness during 90% of the battery charge Constant brightness only during 20-30% of the battery charge. Afterwards the light level goes down and the colour yellows
Waterproof and reliable switch Bad contacts in the switch often causes a lot of trouble ...
White and even beam Lighted disk with a more or less yellow light, sometimes with dark spots
Simple but effective transport lock Transport lock often ineffective : the batteries regularly get discharged in the back-pack !
Very good brightness-weight ratio Brightness-weight ratio less favorable

Now that you know the basics of the technology contained in FrontaLEDs, see our products.

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