Editor: Timir Basu Founder-Editor: Samar Sen
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West Bengal

Frontier, started its journey in April 1968. The journal, founded by Samar Sen, continued to be edited by him till his death in August 1987. It was a time of great political upheavals not only in the state of West Bengal but also at certain parts of India as well as the globe. There were uprisings everywhere. The students, workers, peasants, middle class people, every section of the society was looking for a change. And the Frontier was among the most faithful reflector of that period of turmoil.

The journal was born in the city of Calcutta with a pledge to oversee the progress of those events with an open eye. And it did perform its duty. The pages of the Weekly will speak for it.

The incisive analysis of the social and political events of the time is scattered throughout the pages of the weekly. The tradition is maintained till date. In the midst of various odds the magazine comes out regularly -52 issues a year.

The readership covers a wide spectrum of population including students, teachers, academics, legislators, business executives and white-collar employees and many others -in short whoever is interested in critical as well as informed views of society, home and abroad, free from the compulsion of any vested interest.

The economic subsistence of the Weekly depends mainly on its Subscribers, Associates and Life Members.

Be a subscriber of the Weekly and help it to reach to the concerned people.

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