Studying Arabic in Egypt

If you want to learn Arabic the best way is to immerse yourself in an Arabic speaking society. Egypt is great for many reasons; its cheap, there are dozens of language schools and there are many students from all over the world studying there.

It is especially good for those who haven't spent much time in the Middle East as it is relatively open to the west so you have access to things you are used to from home. You can stroll down the aisles of supermarkets selling foreign foods and you don't have to look far to find an automatic washing machine! Depending on your outlook these may or may not be advantages, after having experienced different countries I've decided it's definitely an advantage.

Whether you want to learn Classical Arabic, Egyptian colloquial Arabic or simply learn more about Islam, you have many options in Egypt. There are language schools in several cities, but Cairo is still the place to go although Alexandria is becoming more popular due to its clean air and proximity to the Mediterranean.

Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies (QIAS) is fast becoming one of the most popular choices of language institutes for foreigners, it is well priced, professional and has a great curriculum. They also have a branch in both Cairo and Alexandria giving you flexibility in where to live. I have studied at both branches and was impressed. If you would like to find out more about Qortoba, their website is

If you have children, don't think of this as a reason not to study, the people in Egypt are very child friendly and will go out of their way to help anyone with children. The language schools are also very supportive and many have special deals set up with kindergartens and other types of child care facilities. The whole family can study Arabic as there are fusha kindergartens (classical Arabic kindergartens) in both Alexandria and Cairo. They speak only classical Arabic and the children learn much faster than the adults! The website for the Cairo one is and the Alexandria one is

I hope this information is useful for those wanting to study Arabic, if you have any specific queries please contact us.

Please visit the Arabic in Cairo website for more information on studying in Egypt.


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