of trees and orchids

Florian and Karsten are - beyond Gallery of Darkness - involveed in the progressive Death Metal act of trees and orchids. of trees and orchids have recently released their second CD which is entitled "thought-cathedral".
The material can be vaguely described as progressive, technical and brutal Death Metal with lyrical demanding. This output has been recorded in the Soundlodge Studios by Jörg Uken (check out the "Production" category). "thought-cathedral" can be purchased from Florian (see "Contact" category").
For more detailed information make inquiries at and experience utterly weird madness!

Act of Fate

Torsten is also involved in the eastfrisian Death/Thrashers Act of Fate. This band is formed by members of Anasarca, King Carrion, Me in depravity &, of course, Gallery of Darkness. These guys have already released two outputs which are called "Soul Puzzlement" and "Despise the Light". Watch out for their upcoming release (working title "Cynical Sarcasm"). Please, visit their website at and get your f***ing  brains clubed out of your heads!


Konstantin of Gallery of Darkness is also active in the brutal Death Metal act Despondency.
Despondency was formed in early 1999 by Dirk Janßen (drums) who is also involved in the progressive Death Metal act of trees and orchids and Steffen Ilm (guitars) in order to create some violent Death Metal in the vein of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Deeds of Flesh. At once there was a strong thirst for action and the first songs evolved in this time. In April ´99 Konstantin Lühring joined Despondency, shortly after that, in May ´99, Heiko Lewien (guitars) and Patrick Schwarz (bass) got in on. The lyrical concept of Despondency (what could be vaguely translated as "despair" or "hopelessness") can be described as a very misanthropic an nihilistic one. The idea to compose such lyrics developed from more resignation as a result of the irresponsible behaviour of human beings towards their environment and nature. Despondency is of the opinion that these individuals should be sweeped away from planet earth , but virtually this isn´t necessary because of the fact that humanity will succeed in doing so by itself. So far Despondency played several gigs with Gallery of Darkness, of trees and orchids, Tears of Decay, BK 49, Insane and Senescence - thus the whole unholy East Frisian Metalhorde. Further gigs are planned for the future!
Despondency are going to enter the Soundlodge Studios (Gallery of Darkness, of trees and orchids,
Obscenity ...) in February 2001. You´ll be kept up to date when their first output of unspeakable terror
will be let loose on wicked humanity ... .

contact/ booking:
Dirk Janßen - tel.: 0049+(0)4953/923744
mail to:
Steffen Ilm:


Gorezone play Death Metal. Sick, brutal, grinding! And now it is time: the first record is out! “Erase the scum“ kicks ass. Eight high-speed-grenades with  guttural grunts, blastbeats an some hardcoreriffing. Cool songtitles such as Anal Service, MurderDeathKill and Spasmodical Hacksaw Movements. It was recorded in late 2001 in the Soundlodge Studio (i.g. Obscenity) together with Rock´n´Roll-Chief Jörg Uken. “Erase the scum“ is availuable for lousy eight Euro including stamps and package. And best of all: in the booklet you´ll find a supreme foto-collage with a lot of beer and tits instead of boring songtexts…  Just another reason to get it!

The facts: Gorezone come from Oldenburg in northern Germany.  The band was founded in late 1995. What followed: line-up-changes and the usual problems. Two demos on tape: „Carry the twin“ 1997 (death metal, raw, primitive) and „Eat the world alive“ 1999 (death too, not as primitive as the former one, but 100% in your face). Both demos are still availuable and can be ordered each for 4EUR or together with the new record for 14EUR. Some local livegigs so far. Since the beginning of the year some gigs a bit more far out. For example in Swiss, in Bonn and in Berlin. Gorezone are always heading forwards to play more gigs.
Gorezone rock!

Torben Waleczek: vocals
Sebastian Bösche: drums
Markus Krügel: guitar
Thilo Neidhöfer: guitar
Torsten Nieland: bass

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Torsten Nieland