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Current Population: 6

"Arrr! Ahoy there mateys! Welcome to Gerbil Island! This here island be inhabited entirely by the cute, curious, active, friendly rodents ye humans call mongolian gerbils! Feel free to take a look around the island usin' the menu above, but be careful - there be pirates aboot!"
- Captain Squeaker

Apr. 10, 2004 - After a 47-day hiatus, this site has been updated! Keiko and Theo have gone to a wonderful home and have been renamed Lucy and Gillian. I gave Tim and Tom to my brother, Jonathan, and have been renamed Ernie and Bert. And of course i have the rest, and Phoebe managed to not get pregnant again so she won't be having any more pups. There are still some pages that need to be updated, but i'm working on it!
Feb. 23, 2004 - all of the available pups are reserved! Sadly, i seperated the males from the females so Phoebe won't have any more litters. I haven't had much time to finish the Care pages, so those are still not done...
Feb 7, 2004 -
I am in the process of doing another facelift to the site. Hopefully the problems with the main page will be fixed by having a new web design *crosses fingers*. I am also working on the Links page and Care pages.
Jan. 28, 2004 -
I gave the site a bit of a facelift and replaced the old pictures on the top of the pages with a new picture I drew. I painted it in gouache and did some final touches using Photoshop. It's DEFINITELY not the best picture i've ever made, but it's cute. The main page is still kind of messed up...
Jan. 23, 2004
- There have been some techincal difficulties on the main page of this site for some reason, so it looks kind of messed up and i can't fix it no matter how hard i try. Stupid geocities... The pups are doing fine by the way!
Jan. 19, 2004
- Added Phoebe and Squeaker's litter 1 photo page.
Jan. 17, 2004
- Congratulations on your first litter, Phoebe and Squeaker!!! I'll keep you updated on how the pups are doing as much as i can.
Jan. 10, 2004
- Added the Journal page. Check it out!
Jan. 2, 2004
- The birth of this website! Woohoo! There's not much going on as of yet, but i'll try to update it frequently. Thanks for your patience!
This website was last updated on Apr. 10, 2004

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