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Germania Inferior
You have just reached the homepage of the newly founded Province of the Republic of Nova Roma: GERMANIA INFERIOR. The province still has to be officially recognized by the Senatus, the senate, of our Republic. This will, we all hope, happen quite soon.Untill further notice, we still are a part of provincia Gallia. For the official statement about the official status of Germania Inferior at present, please view this page.

What is Germania Inferior?

Historically, our province was founded after Ceasar conquered Gallia in the beginning of the eight century AUC. Germania Inferior was an area neighbouring the limes, the border of the empire, near Germania Superior, where Germanic tribes lived.

Nowadays we try to revive our province and we count at present
19 citizens. Our province nowadays is located in the Netherlands and the northern part of Belgium, Flanders.

The music you hear right now, is ancient music played on an ancient flute.  The piece is called 'Mare Nostrum' and we borowed it from
www.ancestral.co.uk/romanmusic.htm. Copyright is held by David Marshall.
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