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Although there's not too much in it at present, I hope eventually to fill it with Classic Propliners from the 'Fifties to the 'Seventies. I'll also make room for a few aircraft which visit my own country (Scotland) as well as for one or two which never existed but which would have been fun if they had!

I like modern aircraft too, but they are pretty well covered by other people, so I've decided to look for unusual, but colourful examples of propliners, and concentrate mainly on them.I will have a few new aircraft though, for those people who need to get places in a hurry!

I don't make aircraft myself - these are all re-paints of other people's. Each one comes with a READ-ME file which hopefully gives credit to all those highly skilled people who made the aircraft originally. If I've missed anyone out, I'm sorry - let me know and I'll correct any errors immediately.

Old propliners have generally to be painted from photographs. Sometimes coloured ones are impossible to get, so I have to use my judgement and imagination. If you KNOW something is incorrect, I wont be in the least offended if you e-mail me pointing out my error. I'll try to correct it, but sometimes it's not possible, either because the relevant area of the original aircraft is un-textured, or is very distorted.

For example, I can't add a glare panel to the Carvair nose because of distortion of the texture.

Panels and Sounds

All the aircraft here have default panels and sounds. It is essential that you get better sounds - there are lots of them available (see the LINKS page) and they transform the flightsim experience. Panels are also good to have, but if you are short of disk space, get sound first, then worry about a panel. I will normally suggest a sound and panel for each type, as may the READ ME file, but there are lots of good alternatives around. Remember that you only need one panel or sound file for each type - you share it with all the relevant aircraft by using an alias - sound files normally tell you how to go about this.

The Aircraft

Well, I hope you find something of interest here. If you do, feel free to e-mail me to let me know. Its interesting to find out where my aircraft are flying. Oh, one other thing - share my planes with your friends, upload them somewhere else if you must (free servers only) - BUT DON'T SELL THEM. Everything here is the copyright of someone - mostly other people who have agreed to the re-paint but nothing else. Respect their - and my - wishes. Happy flying!

All the aircraft on this site are for FS98. However, most of the people who contact me seem to be using them on FS2000 - so presumably they must also work on that too. CLICK on the aircraft name below, to go to the downloads page

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