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18th of May, 2008: This time it *has* been a year! I've added a spork to the spork page, called 'Lemon and Honey' by Amy Snape. Check it out!

26th of September, 2006: Dude, almost a year since I last updated! Anyway, I' ve added a spork.
Go check it out. ;)

7th of November, 2005: I received hatemail, yes! By the author of the latest spork, Stacie:
Hatemail in caps!

6th of November, 2005: I sporked
Esmerelda Malfoy Comes to Hogwarts by sltfpixie323, check out the normal sporking page to read or click the link above.

14th of August, 2005: A new spork!
When Harry Potter met his match by pookygirl01.

12th of August, 2005: Sorry for the absence, had some family troubles. Anyway, added a new spork:
Unexpected No One Saw It Coming by Stevie Nightbird, enjoy!

20th of July, 2005: After a holiday in France *and* Italy I am back with a new spork;
Back to the Future, by Slayer.

30th of June, 2005: Added a new spork;
Love Hurts by Renna.

28th of June, 2005: Back from holiday, twas no fun. Added a new spork:
Drowning Sapphires, by cryssieelizabeth.

29th of May, 2005: New spork;
Silence of the Dream, by Slayer.

28th of May, 2005: Such a child, such a child:

28th of May, 2005: Weee, more hatemail! The author of Bitter Love didn t particularly like what I had to say it seems. Fun!

28th of May, 2005: Yes! I received my first bit of hatemail. It s not much, but it is at least something! Check the extra page for it.

28th of May, 2005: Added the spork of
Bitter Love by Linwe Lossehelin.

28th of May, 2005: Added fanfiction links, including the Pit ov Voles.

27th of May, 2005: Thanks to my amazing friend Chrissy I now have a gorgeous banner. Fitting, no? Thank you Chrissy, you rock!

27th of May, 2005: Almost done with exams, so expect some new work soon. In fact I have a new story sporked;
Twin Angels by Phantomette Godess. Enjoy.

14th of May, 2005: Added several more links and two new stories; an MST/Spork on the story
The Ring of Gilraen by QuenyaAnarya and a character spork on A new World by lely91. Also added the sporking of A Mystery Appearance, by Princess JB.

11th of May, 2005: Added my first sporks/MSTs and a Links page. (Far from finished, but have a look nonetheless.)

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