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Hey, Thanks for stopping by! This is my personal HOME PAGE designed to bring you things you need from me on the web.  Like most of you, I hope to get more up here eventually, but for now.... ENJOY!

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Yes, that's me to the left, and you can view many more pics of me and my friends having good times by clicking the Pics button on the right... oh, and that's me on Paco's jet ski at Paco Bay up at the top.

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If you want to know a little about me, well the button's right there, and don't be shy about emailing me, I love to here from cyber-friends I already have, and make new ones along the way.  I'm on ICQ, and if you email me telling me a little about yourself, then maybe we can get on eachother's list.  In using ICQ, I like to have my friend's name sound when they message, and I've made wave files of them saying their own name. If you are on the list, you can download them here.

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... hehehe.... check our my Shot Recipes. This idea started a long time ago when I would go to parties but people were getting kind of sick of just drinking beer... take a look at what there is, buy the ingredients, and make a few rounds at your next get-together.  The Ode to NHA is about fond memories of my ealiest web experiences....
...those were the days....

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