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This web site provides an archive of the UK 'harbour' of Global Learn Day II in October 1998. Global Learn Day II was organised by an international team of academics, anchored on Professor John Hibbs, Benjamin Franklin University and was geared towards demonstrating the connectivity of the international community in the field of distance education and towards opening up membership of this community to the wider public.

The UK Global Learn Day II web site was prepared by a team then at the University of North London Business School:

The construction of the site was undertaken by the web site development team of Ian Dorward and Andrew Payne. The development work undertaken for the site led to the establishment of The Odyssey Group, a network of academic staff which continues the develop the ideas and practical applications.

Although Global Learn Day II has now passed, this site demonstrates the potential of internet technology for social archiving: ie accounts of past events may be made readily available to a wider audience than the actors who were actually involved at the time or who are socially connected to those actors. Moreover, in making available accounts made contemporaneously with the events, such a record may be held alongside later accounts, thus enabling recontextualization.

The UK Global Learn Day II site is presented as-was, except where clearly indicated. Please note that many links to other sites may no longer be active.

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