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, a new and free Win32 Debugger has been released. GoVest! includes a full 32 bit disassembler allowing source and assembly level debugging for all executables with COFF, PDB or Visual Objects (VOM) debug information. Therefore debugging across language borders becomes possible. GoVest! gives you full access to the debuggee's process, including registers, memory, stack and thread information. GoVest! supports the Pentium's data access breakpoints and can be installed as system (JIT) debugger.
GoVest! is a freeware and available now. Just follow the links above. Disclaimer: As with any system tool, usage is at your own risk!

Late breaking news.
According to our sources in Nuernberg, a new step in Debug Vest technology - the personalized
Debug Vest - has been sighted at DevCon '99. Stay tuned for more information.

Jan 27, 2000. GoVest! 0.9a has been released.

Nov 14, 2000. GoVest! 0.9b-1 has been released.



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