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Alina Kabayeva (Sovetskiy Sport, July 1998)
Aleksei Bondarenko (Sovetskiy Sport, May 1998)
Svetlana Khorkina (Sport-Ekspress, May 1998)
Yevgeniya Kuznetsova (Sovetskiy Sport, April 1998)
Yelena Shushunova (Sport-Ekspress, April 1998)
Dina Kochetkova (Sovetskiy Sport, March 1998)
Olga Mostepanova (Sovetskiy Sport, March 7, 1998)
Yelena Produnova (Sovetskiy Sport, 1998)
Nikolai Kryukov (Sovetskiy Sport, 1998)
Arkayev and Khorkina at 1997 Worlds (Sovetskiy Sport, Sep. 9, 1997)
Grigoriy Misyutin (Sovetskiy Sport, July 9, 1996)
Aleksei Nemov (Sovetskiy Sport, August 2, 1996)
Aleksei Nemov (Sovetskiy Sport, April 5, 1996)
Yelena Mukhina (Ogonyok)

Cottbus '98 - by Thomas Dohmeyer
Russian Championships '98 - by Thomas Dohmeyer
Moscow Stars of the World '98 - by Thomas Dohmeyer
More Russian pics
Yevgeniy Podgorny at 1997 Russian Nationals
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Online Chat with Svetlana Khorkina and Anna Kovalyova (Dec. 19, 1998) - includes pictures!
Online Chat with Anna Kovalyova: The Report (Aug. 13, 1998)
Death of Yevgeniy Shabayev
Sport-Ekspress and Sovetskiy Sport - contact information
Svetlana Khorkina in Playboy (and how to get it!)
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